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Lost Sphear

Escaping the Capital

Jarrod Garripoli

Once that is all over, you’ll be returned to the palace back in the present, where Kanata will finally come back, rejoining your party. Note that the next boss, which will happen shortly, will force Dianto into your party, so you might as well outfit him now before you leave the throne room. Leave the room for a short scene, then approach the save point for another. Continue towards the main exit of the palace and you’ll eventually run into dumb and dumber, the Generals. After a conversation with them, you’ll be thrown into battle.

BOSS - General Tradeus & Aronus

It’s finally time to put down both of the generals, which can be a troublesome fight if you aren’t careful. Both generals only have one actual physical attack, with Tradeus’ being the definite stronger of the two, dealing around 160-200 damage and even more if it crits. The problem with this battle occurs whenever they adopt one of their stances, with each general having two each. Aronus’ Wood Stance basically has attacks healing him for double the amount of the damage inflicted, while Wind Stance lets him evade physical attacks. Tradeus’ Fire Stance will reflect the damage done to him twofold, while attacking during Peak Stance will level him up, basically making him stronger.

Each general is weak to two elements, with the other general being strong against those same elements. Aronus is weak to fire and earth, meaning Tradeus strong against those, while Tradeus is weak to water and air. It appears the rest of the elements are all neutral, so just be careful with their strong elements. From their descriptions alone, it appears that you should just not bother attacking at all whenever a general goes into one of their stances. This isn’t a problem, as they don’t do anything while in their stances, so you can use that time to buff your party or recover HP/MP. That’s pretty much the entire battle: don’t attack during the stances, using that time to recover, then just bring them down while watching your HP.

Well, you learn some things about Aronus after the battle is over, then you can finally leave the palace. Your goal, before things went awry in the palace, was to get a winger and the only known place to get one is at Command Base. However, when you return to the world map, there are two Lost Points you can use to place new artifacts. Both are located fairly close to the Catacombs, so they aren’t too hard to find. Once you’ve created your artifacts, go inside of the Command Base and head straight for the launchpad. There is a slight problem, though, as Amatsu has been lost now. Luckily, you don’t need Amatsu right now, as Plana has got the winger in order and will automatically bring you to your next destination…

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