Lost Sphear

Sal Garthr

Jarrod Garripoli

This place isn’t exactly anything to write home about, as it seems to just be ruins. Head north from the entrance to find a sparkle item, as well as a save point not far from that. Continue north to find some enemies, which should be some Muffys, a stronger version of the Chocolly from Sacred Rahet. They shouldn’t provide much trouble at all and should be easily dispatched. North of them should be a giant ball of some sorts, but that’s not important, as there is a delicious sparkle to the right of it, which is the Aurum Bobb artifact.

North of the broken ball is a chest by a small wall, which contains a new weapon for Lumina (Titan Fist). Keep going north to fight another group of monsters, with the Jaboo joining with the Muffys. It’s highly likely that a cutscene will trigger after the battle, leading to Dianto joining forces with your party. You will be returning to Salny shortly, but you’re not quite done looting this place yet. Return to the previous battle spot and venture north to find a sparkle, then go west to find another behind some broken pillars.

Continue west to find another chest slightly hidden behind two pieces of a broken pillar, which contains a new weapon for Obaro (Great One). Return to the monument that Dianto wouldn’t let you read (you still can’t read it), then head south from there. There will be a rock to your right that you can destroy with your vulcosuits, which leads to a memory sparkle. South of that will be some more enemies, with two new ones in the fray, the Crodoua and Midoua. Get rid of them and look in the southwest corner of this square-shaped area for a chest (3 Elixirs).

Not that far west of the previous chest is a large pillar that is still whole, and at the base of this pillar will be another sparkle that gives you an artifact (Grief Mill). There are more sparkle items throughout the rest of the place, but you’ve obtained the most important bits. You can also use this time to grind, especially since you have the necessary memories to construct the Platinum Bobb artifact (Phantom and Horizon Memories). Just override one of the already done artifact spots, then head into Sal Garthr to see if any Platinum Bobbs spawned; this could possibly be done with Aurum Bobbs, too, since you just picked up the related artifact in Sal Garthr.

Anyway, once you’re finished with everything, head back to the village of Salny to see that the empire is attacking once again. In the first open area, there will be monsters, then you’ll find that the right path has been blocked this time, so continue north. You’ll come across some lost stuff, then a bunch of Reconbots you will be required to fight. Note that you should have your health topped off during this battle, simply because you’ll be forced into a boss fight immediately after it is over.

BOSS - Gears

Gears doesn’t have anything special or tricky in his repertoire, but this boss can certainly hit like a truck, so be sure to have your heals ready. There isn’t much to Gears’ arsenal of moves, since it seems he only uses three or so throughout the entire fight. Launch is your typical physical skill, but this one can pierce and hit in a straight line, so you will need to make sure your characters aren’t lined up as such. Immolation is probably the boss’ most damaging skill, which is a fire attack that hits in a straight line, similar to Launch, for 100+ damage. Lastly, Chaos Blow will hit everyone multiple times, usually totaling around 80-90 damage total, but it can hit for more or less since it is individual hits (critical hits or evasion).

There isn’t really much to say about this boss, since it’s a pretty straightforward fight. Although you can spread out your characters to avoid the line attacks, Gears can still hit two of them pretty much every time. Don’t forget that Sherra has a single-target heal and Kanata has Aura, which is an area-of-effect heal. Also, don’t forget that you have the use of your vulcosuits here, which can deal a lot more damage than you would otherwise; Dianto is the only one who doesn’t have access to his Paradigm Drive at this point (if you explored). It should be obvious that Calamity will help in mitigating damage, too.

With Gears going down, you’ll receive the Vulcopack A item, which increases your maximum VP by 50 (it’ll be 200 now). Some scenes will play out, with things not looking too good in the end, but at least Dianto will permanently join your party. Van suggests paying the Kingdom of Graccia a visit, which is on the big continent in the east (Van stopped you from going there when you first could explore the world). Before setting sail, pay the Refuge camp a quick visit to rest at the inn, replenish any supplies and see that they are stocking weapons for Dianto. Once you’re ready, hop back on your ship and travel to the eastern continent.

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