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Lost Sphear


Jarrod Garripoli

To Maarport

Maarport is located to the north and is quite a bit away from the capital, so use the spacious amount of the world map to collect some goodies. There are a large number of sparkle items you can find, most of which will be new ingredients. To the south of the bridge leading out of the capital is a house on the map, which is called the Catacombs. While you can’t actually get inside the building, you can find some items laying about the area, so make sure you pick them up.

Back on the world map, go north and before the bridge, there will be a big open area to the west of it with a lot of items on the ground. Be on the lookout for two blue-purple sparkles, which will give you knowledge on two Artifacts. The first one is located east of the capital, in between two sets of mountains (Quantum), while the second one is across a bridge in the southeast corner of the open area with lots of sparkles (Causality). Find the bridge heading north and cross it, where you’ll find more sparkles, as well as Maarport. However, there are three Lost Points up here, which means you can get three new Artifacts, or at least one of the ones that stacks.

(1 of 2) The locations of the Quantum artifact knowledge

The locations of the Quantum artifact knowledge (left), and the Causality artifact knowledge (right)

You cannot create Causality, since you are missing a memory, so you are left with Soul Walk, Tach Lab, Zone Gate and Quantum. The last one basically increases all allies’ ATB whenever a character evades an enemy’s attack. What makes everything better is that a fourth Lost Point is unlocked after doing one of them, so you can get another artifact. Note that the Lost Points will open up more of the map, allowing you to find more items, plus it will open up a new place called Los Labyrinth. You can’t do anything here right now, though, so ignore it and the other place north of Maarport (Shipsink) has some monsters that are strong against your current weapons’ elements. So, the only option left is to enter Maarport.


Upon entering the town, a quick scene will happen and you’ll be thrown into battle against monsters you’ve defeated already. After the battle is over, you’ll need to restore the inn, which has been Lost now. Do your thing and you’ll not only make the innkeeper happy, but you’ll also draw out the kid thief. However, he will run off again once he mentions he doesn’t have parents. He isn’t too far, though, but there’s loot to be had in this town! Go inside the inn first to find no items, but you will see new dishes from the chef, plus that big merchant is also inside, despite him not selling anything new. Also, the chef is looking for a Fortess Pepper, which you don’t have right now.

To the west of the inn is the armory/Magic Consortium, but you still can’t get any new spritnite and the armory has no weapons or armor, so it’s not even worth the trip. Exit and continue west, entering the house in the corner to find a chest, containing a nice 3,000G. Travel south of the house to find another, but go around the left side to spot a chest in a dead end, which has 2 Spring Waters inside. That’s all for now, so look for the bridge just east of the last house to find the boy and his mother, who has been Lost. After Locke gives him a lecture, speak with the boy again to see prompts to create two memories, which will help restore his mother. As a reward for helping out, the mother hands over her late husband’s ship for you to use.

On the way out of town, you will be stopped by an imperial soldier, who mentions that Galdra requires you back in Watt. You will be returning shortly, but let’s check out this ship you just acquired. The ship can be boarded at a dock on the world map, one of which is right next to Maarport. Unfortunately, you are blocked in thanks to a large whirlpool to the north, but you can grab some sparkle items on the water. Also, this is the only area where you have access to the ship right now, thanks to a large whirlpool blocking the way to the north.

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(1 of 2) You finally have a means of transportation

You finally have a means of transportation (left), but a giant whirlpool is blocking you from going out into the ocean (right)

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