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Jarrod Garripoli

On the world map, something seems a little fishy, especially in regards to the sea, which seems to be all white and lost now. In fact, when you get close to Maarport, you find that the whole town is now lost, so you will need to restore it before being able to do anything else (Tree Memory x2 and Stone Memory x2). Enter the town, as if nothing happened, and check out the equipment shop to find some new weapons, including another for Sherra, although this one is more oriented for magic than physical (like the Ocean Bow you might have bought in Watt, which seems to be both once upgraded).

Once you’re finished, go towards the dock to initiate a scene, where the party analyzes the situation. Obaro mentions the water spritnite column, but you need a ship to get there, and a ship is out of question due to no sea. Speak with the NPC at the bottom of the docks and he will direct you to Shipsink, which is north of town. Head through there and you will see the column, so that will be your next destination. However, your party decides to gather some memories before leaving, due to some ships being lost. To get these memories, you have to talk to Muntr, who is located on the southern side of town; he will hand over two memories upon talking to him, Hull Memory and Sail Memory. You also need to talk with Bayaz, the man standing next to the innkeeper, who will tell you that your boat is safe. Time to go to Shipsink!


As already mentioned, Shipsink is north of Maarport, so enter the dungeon. Follow the path at the beginning until you come to a large, walrus-like creature, which is a Waloompa, one of the enemies you’ll encounter in this dungeon. Continue north and you will stop before getting on the ship, with the game mentioning that you can’t use your vulcosuits here. You’ll encounter another new enemy just beyond, the Wuminsyn. Vanquish them all, then head up the stairs to your southwest to find a blue sparkle.

Continue north to a fork and keep going west, as north has nothing at all. There will be another split, but the dead end path actually has something this time, which is to the west. You’ll find a chest at the very top of the ship, which contains 3 Hermitonics. Return to the split and south will be another new type of enemy, the Pengy, so defeat the bunch and head up the stairs to find another blue sparkle. Keep going in the same direction and you will eventually run into a three-way fork this time. Northeast has nothing but a sparkle on the ground.

First, head south and you will run into more enemies, as well as a sparkle at the top of some stairs that grants new artifact knowledge (Bio Boost). Return to the split and go west, where the Lost will be blocking your progress. Thankfully, the two memories you received from Muntr will help restore this area, so use them now. You’ll find a fishing spot here, but given the current state of the sea, you won’t be able to use it. Ascend the stairs and at the top, there will be a chest with 10 Bronze Coins inside. Snatch them, then look for the doorway at the base of the stairs, leading you inside the ship.

A Jaboo will be waiting for you and this enemy can be challenging, as its one attack can deal a lot of damage. Try to get a pre-emptive on it to make it easier on your health. Down the stairs will be more Jaboo, as well as a lost chest. If you managed to come to this dungeon at night and claimed some Horizon Memories from the Phantoms, then you can restore the chest to get 2 Blue Spritnites. Whether you get the chest or not, exit via the western door to get to another shipwreck area. Follow the path here until you encounter some enemies, where you will have two different paths to go.

Climbing the stairs on the ship will bring you to a blue sparkle (memory), while the other one leads to some land, where you’ll find that the path has split three new ways. Head south for now to find some more enemies, as well as a chest that contains a Full Heal item. This is an extremely valuable item, as it revives a character, while also completely filling their HP and MP. The path leading northwest has nothing, so the only other way to go is north now. You’ll encounter another split, with the stairs eventually letting you reach another lost chest, this one requiring abundant memories (Wave Bow). This particular bow is a helpful addition for Sherra, especially if you use her in the upcoming boss fight, as it is earth-elemental. Double back and keep heading in the northern direction, ignoring any other side paths, until you reach a save point and the next boss.

BOSS - Pholnesia

The first thing the boss will do as soon as the battle begins is use Submerge to go underwater, then it will follow with Seismic Wave. If you have Guardian with Kanata, then use this to completely block the attack. It will spit water at you with Water Gun, which should only hit one person, but might connect with two depending on their proximity. Ghostly Wail will affect one person when the boss uses it, which completely empties their ATB, while Underworld Cry is an all-party version. Skewer is a physical attack against one character, while Twist will physically hit everyone on the platform. One of the more annoying things Pholnesia can do is use Swallow to temporarily remove a character from the fight, at which point some turns later, it will Spit Out the character, dealing damage to that person and anyone they hit.

The toughest part about this fight is the fact you don’t have a lot of room for maneuvering. Kanata is invaluable here, as Aura should be able to heal everyone due to the small space, plus Calamity can be used to reduce the damage taken by your characters. Pholnesia is weak to earth and thunder, so equipping Sherra with the newly acquired Wave Bow will give some extra damage, plus Obaro has access to Quake and Shock. Having access to Physical/Magical Mar on your skills will help in keeping the boss’ attacks pretty weakened.

Once the battle is finally over, you’ll gain some new artifact knowledge, specifically Mage Keep, Rigidity, and Steel Pace. Also, the memories you get from Pholnesia will make Kanata automatically restore the water spritnite column, which fixes the sea. With that done, you can finally make your way to Salny, but you need to make the trek back through Shipsink…or so it seems. The southeastern ship from the first one on the way back has a NPC who will take you back towards the beginning of the dungeon. However, there are benefits to running through it again, like getting all of the extra experience and memories, plus there was a fishing spot you couldn’t use earlier.

Exploring the Ocean

Return to Maarport and speak with Bayaz in the inn, who will finally grant you your ship now that you’ve returned the sea to normal. It is located in its usual position, by the docks on the beach right outside of Maarport. The first thing you will notice is that the large whirlpool north of the ship is now gone, meaning you get to explore the open sea. Board the ship and move north into the open area of the ocean. If you wish to go straight to Salny, look for the slightly large landmass on your map to the west. Otherwise, it’s time to get some free stuff.

The water spritnite column is just east of where you exited the small bay, and there just happens to be a dock situated right in front of it. Land and activate the column, which will give you Lumina’s Paradigm Drive for her vulcosuit, Genelumini. Divinity boosts skills in terms of the number of attacks, power, and additional effects. You also unlock the link skill, Innocence, for Kanata’s vulcosuit, as well as the Genelumini artifact knowledge.

Get back on the ship and follow the coastline of the current continent as it heads east, until you find another dock on the southern side of the landmass. This is the area with Sacred Rahet and you will be revisiting the place right now. Remember where the imperials were blocking the way near the beginning? This will lead you to the area where you fought Sherra and there’s an item in here you will want to get. In the northwest corner of the area will be a sparkle that nets you the Morsyn artifact knowledge. This one allows you to earn more items after defeating enemies, which is always a good thing, although there is one memory that isn’t known yet.

The island in the center part of the map, on the southern end, is where you went to during the little imperial excursion to visit Ragness Ruins. The dock is located on the western side of the island and there will be a Lost Point right there, so use it to create another artifact. There are two small islands north of the one with Ragness Ruins, then a larger one north of those. Head for that one and land on the eastern side. The only real benefit to this island is that there’s another spritnite column (thunder) on it, which will grant you Loquella’s (Sherra) Paradigm Drive, Harmonize. This one lets you use two different skills and you will sometimes get a fusion skill depending on the ones used. For example, Heal and Refresh will give you the fusion skill, Oratorio. You will also receive a link skill called Sanctuary, and the Loquella artifact knowledge.

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