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Lost Sphear

Trophy Guide (1)

Jarrod Garripoli

Tales of Memories and the Moon

This is the platinum trophy for Lost Sphear and it will unlock once you acquire all of the other trophies. As mentioned in the Roadmap, it shouldn’t really take you much longer than 50 hours to do everything. Since there’s no difficulty trophies or missable ones, then you don’t have to worry about having to do another playthrough or anything like that.

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Story-Related Trophies

All of the following trophies will unlock automatically as you play through the main story. The main story will probably take you around 20-30 hours or so, depending on what else you do during it.

Trophy Description
Ruler of the Sea Ship acquired.
Ruler of the Continent Vulcosuit acquired.
Ruler of the Air Winger acquired.
Restoring Time Night and day restored.
Restoring the Sea Sea restored.
Restoring the Kingdom Royal Capital Marche restored.
Return of Hope Returned from the Fade Realm.
Primeval World Landed on the moon.
Journey’s End Defeated Krom.
Ambition’s End Defeated Eclipse.
The End of Tales Defeated Dark Ruin.


Knower of the World

You will need to unlock all of the spritnite columns in order to get this trophy. There is a total of eight columns, each one corresponding to one of your party members. All you have to do is go up to it and press the X button to activate it. While you will find three spritnite columns during the storyline, you will still need to activate them manually. The other five columns are optional, but if you want to broaden your combat abilities, each one granting a Paradigm Drive to a specific character, unlocking an artifact and giving Kanata another Co-Op skill to use.

Spritnite Column Location
Earth Column Found on southeastern section of Graccia Southlands
Air Column Found on western section of Graccia Northlands
Thunder Column Found on island on western section of the Massifs
Fire Column Found on the island with Salny
Dark Column Found on southern island of Gigante Southlands (requires airship)
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Sidequest Trophies

Once you gain access to the final dungeon, you will have the opportunity to do sidequests for each character, which will give them access to a final skill spritnite once you bring the item you obtained to any magic consortium. There is a total of eight different sidequests, with each one usually starting by visiting a specific area or talking to someone.

Trophy Description
Awakened Destiny Obtained Moon’s Soul (Kanata)
Royal Pride Obtained Rainbow Spritnite (Van)
Heavenly Light Obtained Sunlight Spritnite (Lumina)
Wisdom Beyond Time Obtained Chrono Spritnite (Obaro)
War Maiden’s Prayer Obtained War Maiden Spritnite (Sherra)
Pride of the Guardian Obtained Tyranny Spritnite (Dianto)
Telepathic Bonds Obtained Raggys’ Spritnite (Locke)
Unquestioned Loyalty Obtained Isolation Spritnite (Galdra)


Salty Foodie

Clam Soup is one of the dishes in the game, which when consumed, will grant you temporary buffs for a single battle. In order to unlock the Clam Soup dish, you will need to speak with the chef in the inn at Elgarthe and choose the “Seek Ingredients” option. The first time, he will ask for a Goldhead Carrot, which you can get from the glow spots in the region. Later on in the game (come back when you first gain access to a winger), you can do this again and the chef will ask for some Mor Bark. This item drops from the Mory enemy, which is found in multiple spots, like Hush Grove, Ancient Ruins Merhl, Mistral Gorge and Moon Ridge. Once you get one, bring it back to the chef to get a Clam Soup dish, and all you have to do it eat it to gain the trophy.

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Umami Foodie

This trophy is similar to the previous one, as the Moon Tripe is a dish that is unlocked whenever you deliver a specific ingredient to the chef in the Salny Refuge location. He will ask you for some Moon Cow, which can be found in the glow spots in the region. If you don’t get the required item, then simply enter any area and wait for a few minutes, then exit to see that the glow spots have respawned. Once you have it, hand it over to the chef and he will give you a Moon Tripe, so eat it to gain the trophy.

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Sweet Foodie

Unlike the previous two food trophies, you do not need to seek out an ingredient and hand it over to a chef. You can find this dish listed in Fade Town in the Fade Realm, at the normal chef in the inn. If you don’t know how to get back to the Fade Realm upon leaving there for the first time, fly the winger into the light at Mirror Lake to get a prompt to go there. The Fruit Jelly needed for this trophy requires three ingredients: Black Banana, Love Berry, and Dawn Apple. All of them can be found from the glow spots in the Fade Realm and just like with Umami Foodie, you can enter an area, wait a few minutes, then exit if you don’t get the right ingredients. Once you have the three ingredients mentioned above, purchase the Fruit Jelly and consume it for the trophy.

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Spirit Cure Alchemist

Last Elixirs are powerful items that will replenish the entire party’s HP and MP when used from the menu or in battle. You can only find them in two chests during the entire game, with the first time being on your second visit to Dhaka Venu and the second being in the final story dungeon. Once you complete the game, though, you will be able to purchase them from the item vendor inside of the Imperial Palace in Watt, where they cost almost 30k a piece. Use a single Last Elixir to gain this trophy.

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Peak of Regret

Rooster is a status ailment in the game, where the target is turned into an actual rooster, rendering them useless in battle for a certain period of time. There are very few enemies in the game who can actually inflict this upon your characters, with the first opportunity being the Nightmare Reality boss in Fade Realm. If you miss that chance, then you can also be turned into a Rooster by Tungs in the final dungeon. If neither of those happen to do it, you can refight bosses by visiting Fade Ridge in the Fade Realm upon completing the main story.

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Researcher of Possibilities

One of the big improvements made to the battle system from I Am Setsuna to Lost Sphear is the ability to move in combat when it is your characters’ turns. For this trophy, you simply need to move your characters a total of 1000D while in battle, which will likely unlock during the main story. You can keep tabs on this stat in the Records tab of the Moon Memory, which is accessible from the in-game main menu.

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This is probably one of the grindiest trophies in the game, as you will be required to earn a total of 1,000,000G. It doesn’t have to be all at once, since it is cumulative, so don’t worry about having to hoard your money. There are a few ways to do this, with one being the Platinum and Aurum Bobbs. These are rare enemies and each one will always drop items upon defeating them, which can be sold for 4,000G and 2,000G, respectively (Aurum Bobbs also drop a lot of money upon defeat). You can increase the chances of encountering them with their same-name artifacts, but note that they are Local only.

The other method of obtaining a lot of money involves the Scan function of your vulcosuits, which is unlocked upon creating the Bestiary artifact (you automatically get this as part of the story). You won’t be able to make it right away, but as you progress, you will eventually earn the memories for it. Once you place it, you can use the Scan function when you have donned your vulcosuits, which will place colored icons over enemies. The color of these will determine the strength of the enemies, with blue meaning that you can simply “run” into the enemies without actually having to do battle.

This is great, as you will reap all of the rewards as if you actually fought them, saving you a lot of time. The only problem is that Scan will reset upon entering any new area, even within the same dungeon. Also, you need to remain in your vulcosuits, as de-equipping them will cause you to fight battles normally, even with the colored icon still over enemy heads. So, with all of the knowledge above, you will want to seek out large locations with a lot of enemies, but all in the same area.

There are a few spots for this, one such place being Mirror Lake. This place is decent because the experience is not that good, but the monsters will always give good money, plus it’s not that big that it’s annoying to navigate. Another area is the Archives in Royal Capital Marche, which is also nice because the Phantoms drop Ghost Attire, which can be sold for extra money. The final area is in the terromite mine section of Sacred Rahet, which opens up in the last moments of the main story. The only problem with this area is that it only has one exit, so you will have to travel back to the beginning. Also, there are poison ponds in the area, but it doesn’t really matter if you are poisoned or not.

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Holy Judgment

At some point in the main story, you will gain vulcosuits, which are basically machines you can switch off and on in combat to boost your stats and gain access to more skills. You can individually equip vulcosuits in battle with the L1 button. To get “Machine Kills,” you simply need to kill enemies while wearing your vulcosuits, which is easily done.

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Freedom from the Abyss

During battles, your ATB will fill up and once it’s full, a bar around your character will begin to fill. Note that the circular bar will only fill whenever the ATB is full and you aren’t doing anything. Once this is full, you will gain a Momentum Charge (MC) and can now apply that MC to your attacks; it will also fill up as you attack and are attacked. You can apply MC (press Square when you see a blue flash on the character) to any normal attack, but for skills, you will need to equip Momentum Spritnites to them (you can get these with memories from most magic consortium). Whenever you kill enemies when using a MC, you will see “Momentum Kill” pop up once the enemy disappears. Do this ten times to gain the trophy.

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Resonating Beat

As you continually attack enemies during a battle, you will see a “hit” counter appear. This only happens whenever you get attacks off without the enemy striking back, as that will break the hit chain. It’s hard to achieve this trophy under normal circumstances, but certain characters have specific skills that hit many times. Sherra is the best character to use for this, as Sonic Rain will hit all of the enemies. All you really need to do to get this trophy is find a large group of enemies in any dungeon, then have Sherra use Sonic Rain.

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Brilliant Strategist

For this trophy, you will need to damage three or more enemies with a single attack, which might sound a little challenging, but it’s rather simply. Some characters, like Van, Locke and Sherra, can hit multiple enemies with their normal attacks. All it takes is a little bit of simple luck to have the enemies line up in a straight line for them to hit three or more enemies. Outside of those, the majority of the characters have a skill or two that can hit all enemies, so this trophy will undoubtedly come during natural play.

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