Lost Sphear

Pale Tower

Jarrod Garripoli

Enter the tower for a scene and during it, a portal will appear. This portal will lead you to Elgarthe, of all places, or what seems like your hometown. Go north for a scene, where you meet someone familiar to Dianto. Hmm, it seems like the town is home to memories, but not just from Elgarthe. There’s a glow spot in the doghouse just north of you, so grab it and head west, then north for another scene. Note that you can’t enter any of the buildings, despite their doors seemingly missing.

Head north from the town’s entrance, veering off to the right, where you’ll find another person by the little shack. After witnessing the short scene, head behind the shack to find a chest, which contains 3 Panaceas. There’s nothing up by the bell, so ignore it and head across the bridge near the entrance. As soon as you cross it, travel southeast a little bit to find another glow spot hidden in the trees, then there will be another scene not far east from there. Continue north to the elder’s house, where you will encounter said elder. Once the scene is over, cross back over the bridge in the middle of town for another scene.

The bell will ring during this, so head up that way next. Well, that’s certainly an interesting turn of events. Use the portal that is left behind to be brought to some ruins, where enemies will be residing, of course. You have three different ways to go, but only one actually takes you anywhere. South will bring you back to “Elgarthe,” while north is blocked off for now, leaving the western path as the only choice.

In the very first room, you will encounter some enemies, so take them out and continue north until you come across a locked door and a switch right next to it. Flip the switch to open the door, then head west and south to a dead end room with more enemies. Grab the glow spot here, then go through the door you just opened. You will come to another locked door, but the switch for this one is on the other side, so just keep going north. Drop off the broken bridge and head south this time, taking out any monsters in the vicinity and opening the locked door you encounter previously.

Head right, ignoring the northern room here as it has nothing, and continue in the same direction, with the path curving south. There will be more enemies in the next room, as well as another glow spot. You will come to another split, with the southern path leading to a dead end with more enemies. Continue to the left to another quick split, but the one leading south here just takes you back to the beginning (the switch is along the northern wall). Grab the glow spot in the next room, then head north to find another portal. Before taking it, though, look on the right side of the room for a chest, which contains the Deus Fist weapon. There’s also a mysterious locked sphere on the northern end of the room. Take the portal to find a save point, so use that to heal up, then continue north to fight a boss!

BOSS - Nightmare Reality

As previously mentioned, you will be forced to use Kanata, Dianto and Locke for this boss, but you have the opportunity to equip them all before the fight begins. This boss can be rather annoying, if only because of a single move, Bad Breath. Those with knowledge from Final Fantasy games know that this skill can inflict a variety of status ailments, essentially crippling whoever it hits. Fossilization is the biggest threat here, as it is permanent and the characters inflicted with it will not be able to do anything. If all characters are Fossilized, then that will result in a game over (or any combination where characters are KO’ed and inflicted with the ailment).

The first order of business in this fight is to have Kanata use Holy Force to try and seal Bad Breath, although it may not go as planned. The only other new move Nightmare Reality has is called Acute Odor, which can reduce everyone’s abilities, meaning their stats go down across the board. Other than that, this boss is pretty much a stronger version of the Primeval Monster you fought earlier in the game. Nightmare Reality will counter all attacks, but the counter only hits around the boss. Riot and Rampage will hit everyone twice for subpar damage, while it can use Devour to take MP away and Inhale to take some HP away.

As already mentioned, you want to get rid of Bad Breath as soon as possible, so keep using Holy Force until it does. You can reset the CT for it with Dianto’s Asgard skill. When he isn’t using Holy Force, use Calamity to debuff the boss’ strength and magic, plus you might have Physical/Magical Mar on some skills. You might be thinking that Kanata will be a healer with Aura, but Locke has a great skill in Potentiate. This allows you to use an item, but it affect the entire party, so you could use an Ether in conjunction with the skill to restore 50 MP to everyone.

After the battle is over, watch the scene that occurs, then approach Lumina for some more. She will rejoin your party after some conversations, and a portal will appear right in front of you. Take it to appear back outside of the Pale Tower, where another scene will happen. Once everything is over, Obaro will finally rejoin you party and your next objective is to find a way out of this world.

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A strange phenomenon has been occurring in the world, in which a white mist overtakes objects, places and people, making them completely lost to the world. One day, though, a humble self-taught swordsman from the small town of Elgarthe awakens to the power of Memory, which allows him to restore those lost to the strange phenomenon. Now, Kanata and his friends must journey the world to quell the Lost before it takes over the whole planet.

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