Lost Sphear

Sacred Rahet

Jarrod Garripoli

Sacred Rahet

On the world map, you will be forced to build an artifact to help out the imperial army. Unfortunately, you can’t pick which one you want, as you will be required to build Yggdrasil, with Galdra handing over the necessary memories. Yggdrasil increases physical attacks at the cost of greatly decreased magical attacks, but it only applies to the region. This opens the area off to the west, where you can snatch some sparklies. You’re not quite done on the overworld, though, as you can create another artifact to the northeast of Los Labyrinth. This allows you to venture west, along the top of the land here, to a blue sparkle, which holds a memory.

With all of that out of the way, find the entrance to Sacred Rahet and go inside. Not far inside, you will encounter Torgo, the same merchant you’ve seen a couple of times already. Feel free to browse his wares, then continue to the west. Ignore the big open area below, since that’s where all the soldiers are and look for the footholds off to the left. Climb up to see why the empire needs your crew, well Kanata mostly, since the back way is blocked by a lost boulder. Before you do that, though, go to the dead end to the north and use the vulcosuit to break the rock there, allowing you to grab a sparkly bit underneath.

Fight the monsters to the west, then restore the boulder, so you can destroy it with the vulcosuit. Continue west and climb up to the next area, clearing the enemies. To your east will be another large rock you can destroy, but the path beyond just drops you back down in a previous area (it’s a shortcut back). So, unless you need to do something, ignore it and keep going north to a three-way split. East leads to a dead end with a memory sparkly bit, and the northern path splits into two more. Break the rock on the right, climb up to find more enemies and a lost chest (requires Mine Memory x2 to restore, contains a Night Coat).

The other path up north leads to another chest, which has 3 M Potions in it. Return to the 3-way fork and travel west this time, where you will be able to climb up to find a cave entrance waiting for you. Inside the cave will be some of the Twilighters and Galdra will actually join your party for now, forcing you to drop one of your characters. Whoever you want to drop is up to you, as there isn’t a clear choice and it doesn’t really matter. As for Galdra, he has some nice skills in his arsenal, the nicest of which is Flame Edge, as it will heal your entire party.

Once you get situated, continue north to find another battle waiting for you, this time against one of the Twilighters and other monsters. They have more HP than the other enemies here, so it will take a little more to bring them down. After winning the fight, speak with the Twilighter you just defeated to have an option to either capture them or do nothing. Capturing them will give you a reward at the end of the mission, so let’s go with that. You can speak with the ones on the ground normally, but you can’t do anything with them. The door to the north won’t open, so ignore it and head in the other direction in this room.

There will be another Twilighter fight to the east, as well as a chest hidden behind the wall in the same room (Southern Cross). This is a new weapon for Kanata, but it is water-elemental, so it might not be useful everywhere. Venture south to find another Twilighter, so make sure you capture him, then break the rock on the left side to gain access to a chest (3 Ethers). Continue east to view a short scene between someone named Sodas and Aronus, then use the save point to heal up and save your game. Drop off to the south, fight the fourth (and final) Twilighter, then destroy the rocks here to gain access to a sparkle bit. In the next area will be more scenes, then the boss fight here…

BOSS - Sherra

Sherra is quite a difficult boss and is accompanied by two Shroombacks, enemies that you might want to take out quickly while also damaging Sherra in the process. They can hit multiple characters with Roll Out, plus their Freezing Breath skill can freeze a character, disabling them for a short period of time. That is quite dangerous in this battle, as Sherra has two very dangerous moves in her arsenal. If you see Single Bolt, be happy, as it should only damage a single character for around 70 damage. Siren Bolt is not much more powerful, but it has a nasty status ailment attached to it, which is Charm.

This makes it so characters will attack you without discretion, so you want to cure it as soon as possible if it is afflicted (use a Panacea). Note that Sherra can also heal herself for around 80 or so HP with Heal, which may or may not be able to hit multiple targets. By far, the worst move you will see, which seems to be a lot, is Sonic Rain. This one is an area-of-effect skill that is fairly large and will hit everyone for around 90-100 damage. There’s not much you can do about this attack, other than embrace it and heal up after it.

It appears you will be forced into your vulcosuits at the beginning of the battle and if you have a lot of VP currently, then it’s a good idea to utilize them to the fullest in getting rid of the Shroombacks. Since you don’t have normal attacks in the suits, you’ll have to use skills, all of which use your precious VP. Once you do that, spread out your party (switch them to their human form by pressing L1 in battle) and join the wonderful war of attrition to finish off Sherra for good.

Once you finally force Sherra to submit, more scenes will happen and you will automatically be back at Command Base. Note that before you have control of your characters, you will receive a reward depending on the number of Twilighters you captured. If you managed to capture all four available, then you’ll be rewarded a nice 2,000G. Exit the launchpad area and when you approach the entrance to the actual command headquarters, there will be another short scene that plays out. Galdra mentions about going back to the palace and reporting your deeds to Zemrode, but you’re going to take a small detour back to town.

Firstly, rest at the inn to restore your VP, as well as your health and mana. Second, visit the armor shop to see that a new weapon is available for Obaro, so if you have extra cash, go ahead and buy it if you want. You can also upgrade them, but the spritnites are quite expensive. For the final stop, you are going to visit the Magic Consortium. Kanata has Calamity (get this for bosses, since it lowers attack) and Guardian available to trade, Van should have three new ones, and Lumina should have two more available. If you managed to snag some Scenery Memories, then you might be able to get some Counter Spritnite.

Bringing Back the Night

When you’ve finished window shopping, since money suddenly became hard to acquire, head to the palace and walk all the way to the throne room to speak with Zemrode. He’ll congratulate you on the job well done, then dismiss you to enjoy the downtime. Exit the palace and it appears that Kanata is having second thoughts about what he did, and suggests hearing the Twilighters’ side of the story. However, getting to them for the answers you seek is going to be a problem. There is really no guidance here, other than the fact you know they are at the Command Base.

Using Party Chat will eventually turn up something, though, as you see that they mention asking around the base. You’re looking for Amatsu in particular, the red-colored NPC that was always at the launchpad. You will find him at the stairs leading to the launchpad, and he’ll point out the prisoners are in the prison block…well, that should have been obvious. The party discusses their options, when Obaro mentions something called “night.” After more talk, Lumina remembers that the scholar at the inn was researching something like that, so it’s time to head back there.

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