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Lost Sphear

Lunar Kiln

Jarrod Garripoli

So, with both plans in your possession, Plana is getting to work on building the Lunaripper, but the problem on how to power it arises. That’s where you and the Lunar Kiln come into play. You will need to find Plana again, who is on the first floor of the palace, in between the two elevators. She will open up a secret area, which has an elevator that will bring you to outside of the Lunar Kiln, although the place does have some monsters roaming about. There are three enemies down here in the Lunar Kiln: Karesyns, Black Flappers and Earth Guardians.

The first two are palette swaps of other enemies (well, all three technically are), but the Earth Guardians will explode as a final farewell before being defeated. Note that all of the enemies are located in the large craters, so it won’t be able to know where they are. There isn’t much here in the Lunar Kiln, although you can find a blue spark towards the southwestern corner, a regular one on the eastern side and two chests in the northwestern corner (2 VP Chargers and a Steel Fang).

On the northern end of the area, there is the way forward, but a locked door is blocking your way. In order to unlock it, you’re going to have to take a certain path on the tiles ahead of you. Basically, the lights on the northern end will dim whenever you step on one of the blank tiles and the path you create will need to coincide with all lights being used up. It’s a mini-puzzle, albeit not a difficult one, but should you mess up, then you can reset things with the console on the southern end. From the bottom, yellow panel, go in the following order: left, up, right, right, up, and up to unlock the door.

Go through the newly opened door and you’ll come to a three-way split, so venture to the west to find a blue sparkle and there will be a chest at the end of the eastern path, which contains an Earthly Cane. Take the middle path into the next room, where you can ignore the side paths here and just continue to the middle. A scene will occur and you will actually gain your vulcosuits back! A teleporter will appear, so use it to take your party back to the palace. To continue the story, you will need to head to the launchpad at the Command Base, where some more scenes will happen, then you will eventually be back at Dhaka Venu.

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