Lost Sphear

Return to the Real World

Jarrod Garripoli

Welp, you’ve returned to the real world again, but it looks like things aren’t so well right now, as the soldiers and Zemrode are fighting off some big monsters. When you regain control, a save point will be to your south and some familiar enemies to your west. Feel free to use the save point, then head north and into the house there. There is a glow spot on the bottom floor, as well as a chest (3 Medical Cases), and if you go upstairs, you’ll find two more chests, which contain 3 X Ethers and 3 X Potions.

Return outside and go to the right to find a glow spot on a bench, as well as the eastern half of the city being lost. Double back to the west, taking out the enemies, then heading south to start making your way to the entrance of Watt. There will be an enemy here, so fight or avoid it and continue straight up the main street, taking a detour to look for a hidden chest in front of where the Magic Consortium used to be (Phoenix Tears). Travel north a little bit more, where you’ll need to do battle with one of the big dinosaurs that Zemrode was fighting earlier.

The Dinotaurus hits quite hard, especially with Crystal Horn (single target) and Tornado Tail (AoE), plus it has quite a bit of HP. After the battle is over, more scenes will occur and you find your next objective is the moon itself. However, you need a better winger for that and while Plana has the plans for it, she’s going to need help in building it. Kanata suggests restoring Amatsu, so your next stop is to head over to the launchpad in the Command Base. When you reach Amatsu, you see he requires two Expertise Memories, which you don’t have.

Before doing anything, if you didn’t grab it earlier, look for a purple glow spot on the barrel near Amatsu for the Speracus artifact knowledge. To get the required memories, speak with the two engineers in yellow. Restore Amatsu, then leave the area, where a soldier will run in to tell you that Plana wishes to speak with you at the palace. Before you do that, though, return to Watt via the northern gate entrance and talk to the group of soldiers there. You will witness a scene and if you have the Mislaid Wallet from earlier in the game, then they will hand over the VIP Card.

Your next stop is the castle, so enter it from either the map or the portal in Command Base. Make your way to the save point inside, where you’ll find the shops from the town of Watt - since the town is overrun by monsters, they relocated to the castle. If you have the VIP Card, which you should since multiple warnings were given to not sell the Mislaid Purse, then the blacksmith has new weapons for everyone except for Lumina, a new piece of armor, and the final two upgrade spritnite. First and foremost, if you thought the other upgrade spritnite were expensive, then you will notice the final two are even more ridiculously pricey, costing around 70K and 100K each.

Once you’ve finished perusing the list and doing any shopping, make your way to the throne room. Unfortunately, there’s a great barrier surrounding the moon, meaning you can’t fly to it. Kanata has an idea to use the Lunar Kiln to send energy into the barrier and destroy it, but one isn’t enough. Luckily, Graccia has a Lunar Kiln, but you need some Terromite to power it up. The only place you know where to secure Terromite is in Sacred Rahet, so that will be your next stop. There are a few treasures in the throne room, like three glow spots (2 on the left and another on the right). You will also find three chests, one in the lower left corner (2 Panaceas), another in the upper right corner (Elixir) and one more that’s hard to see, in between the two pillars on the right side (3 X Potions).

Before you do that, you will also need to restore General Aronus, so return to the hall in the palace where Aronus is to get the chance to restore him. It takes 2 Gale Memories (you should have enough of these already; if not, go fight some Midouas in Sal Garthr/Scar Top) and 2 Loyalty Memories, which you get from Tradeus. With him back in action, he agrees to help guard the Lunar Kiln in Graccia, so your next stop is Sacred Rahet, but you can do a few things on the world map.

Lost Points in the World

There are a number of Lost Points on the world map that you can restore, getting yourself some more artifacts. The winger is right outside of the capital, to the right, so use that to get around. The first Lost Point is located just northwest of the capital, while a second can be found north of Hush Grove, which is northwest of Elgarthe. A third Lost Point is west of Elgarthe, and it will be the final one in this region. Looking at your map, there is an island in the southeast corner, which is where you’ll find the fourth Lost Point.

The final three Lost Points are all located around the eastern continent, so set off with your winger for that landmass. The first one here (fifth overall) is to the west of Scar Top. The sixth Lost Point is to the west of Mirror Lake and the seventh, and final, Lost Point is on the island just northwest of Marche. That’s about all you can do on the world map, but if you’re looking to earn some money, there is a method outside of Platinum/Aurum Bobbs. Hopefully, one of the artifacts you placed was the Bestiary one, which allows you to use the Scan function when you don your vulcosuits.

With that on, you can simply look for pockets of enemies with blue icons over their head to instantly finish battles without actually doing them, while reaping the full rewards. The only problem with this is that if you transition to another screen, then Scan will wear off, meaning you will have to activate it again. There are two noticeable areas where you can use this to your advantage, since the enemies are all in one connected area. These are the Archives in Marche’s castle, and Mirror Lake. The former has potential armor drops you can sell for more money, while Mirror Lake has less experience (meaning less leveling up) and potential Violet Spritnite drops from the Baloompas. When you’re finished, set off for Sacred Rahet.

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A strange phenomenon has been occurring in the world, in which a white mist overtakes objects, places and people, making them completely lost to the world. One day, though, a humble self-taught swordsman from the small town of Elgarthe awakens to the power of Memory, which allows him to restore those lost to the strange phenomenon. Now, Kanata and his friends must journey the world to quell the Lost before it takes over the whole planet.

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