Lost Sphear

Lunar Kiln (2)

Jarrod Garripoli

Upon entering the royal capital, Marche, you see that enemies have overrun it. Despite everything, there are only two actual encounters in town, one in the southeast corner and the other being right before the bridge leading to the castle. Note that the facilities in town are vacant as of this moment, but you can actually enter buildings to reset the enemies, if you wish to grind a little bit, assuming you have no trouble defeating the monsters (you should get around 50k experience for each pack).

Once you’re finished, head north and into the castle, where a short scene will occur. Before heading to the throne room, go into the room on the right to open that one lost chest you couldn’t earlier, which requires 2 Critical Memories and 4 Reactor Memories (Frosties). Go into the throne room for another quick little scene, where you see that the path to the Lunar Kiln is open. Take the elevator down to find yourself in some ruins, with a save point nearby. You have two paths here to take, one to the east and another to the north. Head north first, take out the enemies, then continue north to find a lost chest.

To open it, you need 2 Justice Memories (Black Flapper) and 2 Progressive Memories (Earth Guardian), and it contains 3 VP Chargers. Return to the beginning and go east this time, into the water, where more enemies are waiting. Continue east after destroying them to find more, as well as a purple glow spot, which is the All Things artifact knowledge. Continue north and then east with the first set of stairs, into some water, where you’ll likely encounter Water Guardians. They have a bit of health, but they will explode when you defeat them, although they don’t deal as much damage as the Bobboulders in the terromite mine.

There are some stairs to the northwest and to the northeast, and you’ll want the northwestern ones. Take those and then the ones leading north to a water area that has a chest, which contains a Volt Gun. Return to the previous water area and use the northeastern path, bringing you to another floor puzzle like you previously encountered in the past Lunar Kiln. You have seven moves to make it to the end, as evidenced by the seven green lights at the top of the screen when you step onto the puzzle. Counting it out, there is really only one path to take, which is Left, Up, Right, Right, Right, Up, Up and Up.

Head through the door that opened for solving the puzzle and at the split, go west first. At the end, there will be a chest (The Effacer), as well as a blue glow spot on the catwalk connecting to the eastern path (another glow spot on the eastern path, too). Return to the split and go down the middle path, into the next room, where Van will be fighting off some enemies. A scene will play out and once it is over, the Lunar Kiln will be activated and Van will rejoin your party. Aronus will also place a portal down, which will bring you back to the elevator in the throne room.

Monster Invasion

Upon exiting the castle, you receive a transmission from Plana that monsters have begun their descent on the imperial capital. When you get close to it, you’ll see that most of the city has become lost, and the only place you can actually enter is the palace. When you enter, there will be a short scene of Zemrode fighting off some monsters, but it seems to be a bit too much for him, so you arrived just in time for a battle. After it’s over, make your way to the second floor of the palace, where Plana will greet you near the save point. Some more scenes will play out, then you can leave the palace, only to find that monsters have reached it already.

Make your way to the ground floor to find the enemies. You will have to fight a total of four waves of enemies, all of them you’ve battled previously, so there are no surprises. Once the final wave is exterminated, exit the castle for a scene. The winger has been upgraded and you will be automatically flying it after the scene is over. Pressing the Square button will give you the option to go to the moon, so go ahead and do that to finally put an end to all of this.

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