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Fade Valley

Jarrod Garripoli

Upon loading the save after the credits, Kanata will wake up in his room and things are certainly confusing. None of the others are with you, so he’ll set out to find out where they are. Before leaving your “room,” open the nearby chest for 3 Ethers. Leave the house and you’ll be on the world map, but things certainly don’t look the same. For now, go right and collect the sparkle, then there will be two more glow spots across a bridge a little further east. There are two places you can enter north of here, but without anyone else, it’s best to not put yourself in danger by entering the supposed dungeon.

Before entering the other town-like structure, grab the two glow spots north of it. Upon entering Fade Town, which might look a little familiar, you find Van on the ground. Kanata will set out on his own to search for the others, so start by collecting the glow spot north of the inn, then step foot inside of it. Hmm, the people inside are sure speaking strangely and despite that, the chef and innkeeper functions are still operating normally. There’s nothing in the building south of the inn, but if you take a peek on the docks, you will find Locke on the ground.

Talk to him to see he’s ok, then venture further south on the docks to find Dianto. He’s also fine and just south of him is a chest, containing 2 Medical Cases. Also, despite the urgency of the situation, you can still fish to your heart’s content. Inside of the house just north of the docks is another chest, which is housing 3 X Ethers. Travel to the northwest portion of the town to find Galdra, who is doing okay. There’s nothing in the house nearby, so the only place left to look is the shops.

Just to the left of them, in the little “alley” is Sherra, so check on her and if she’s the last one, then a scene will occur. You are missing one more party member, Lumina, but you don’t know where she is right now. Before setting out to find out where she is, take a gander in the shop to see what new wares are available. There is a new upgrade spritnite available, Black Spritnite, which costs 9,500G.

Each character has a new weapon for sale, but note that most of them have some sort of element attached to them. Additionally, there is a new piece of armor (Rare Mail), which has resistance to petrification. Upgrade them as you see fit (and money permits), then take a look at the spritnite. If you plan on using Dianto and Locke and haven’t really used them before, then you’re going to want to add some Momentum Spritnite. When you have fully suited up and everything, then exit the town and head towards Fade Gorge.


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A strange phenomenon has been occurring in the world, in which a white mist overtakes objects, places and people, making them completely lost to the world. One day, though, a humble self-taught swordsman from the small town of Elgarthe awakens to the power of Memory, which allows him to restore those lost to the strange phenomenon. Now, Kanata and his friends must journey the world to quell the Lost before it takes over the whole planet.

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