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Lost Sphear

The Moon

Jarrod Garripoli

Well, on your way to the moon, a touching moment will happen, which is soon interrupted by some enemies closing in on the winger. You will have to fight three waves of enemies here, all dragon-looking enemies that can freeze you and have quite a bit of health. Luckily, they are susceptible to instant death, so if you’ve been building any of your skills up with that Momentum Spritnite, then use them to trim the numbers down. After the battles are over, you will eventually land on the moon and some things will finally be unlocked.

Where you land, head down the hill and open the chest straight ahead for 2 Full Heals. There will be some enemies to the right and beyond that, an elevator platform, but go left at the previous fork for now. A lot of enemies will likely be here, including a palette swap version of the Gry’Far you fought on the way to the Moon. Past them is another elevator platform, which takes you to more enemies to fight. Pick up the two glow spots here, then continue north for more enemies and a dead end with another chest (3 Platinum Coins).

Double back all the way to the split and head right this time, taking the elevator platform at the end. At the next fork, travel south and open the chest at the end for 2 X Ethers. Return to the split and go north (glow spot right there), taking a small detour to the south when you can for another glow spot. Continue west and pick up the glow spot in the southwest corner, then head north to come to a big area. There will be an elevator to your west, as well as more enemies to your east, with a blue glow spot at the end, if you wish to grab it.

The elevator will take you further west, with another two ways to go here. Straight south will bring you to another glow spot, and a chest (3 Black Spritnites), while southwest will delve deeper into the dungeon. When you’re ready, follow the path to more enemies and eventually, another elevator. You may have seen it earlier, but this particular elevator will bridge a gap in between two paths, with the southern being close to the beginning of the dungeon. North will take you to a larger elevator, where you’ll be in a new area.

You’ll encounter a new enemy here, which looks like a reskin of the Faders you’ve fought not too long ago. On the northern end of this area is another chest, which contains 2 Elixirs. There will be paths to your east and west, once again, with the left one taking you to an optional boss. So, head that way first and when you have a choice of where to go next, go northeast first (use Quicksave to save your game).

BOSS - Seabol

Seabol is similar to Necronom, which you fought in the Archives in Marche, as he will summon allies to his side. Of course, being similar, he has either the same or close-to-the-same skills as the previous boss. Arcane Uros can slow a single character, while Arcane Ourous can slow the entire party (keep Panaceas ready). You also have Demonry Patos and Orpatos, which can inflict stop to a character or party, respectively. The enemies Seabol summons are pretty much the same as the ones Necronom did, so as long as you use arena-wide attacks, they should go down quickly, since they don’t have a lot of health.

As for Seabol’s other attacks, Moonlight hits the entire party for about 200 or so damage, and Stardust will randomly strike whomever for 100 damage a hit. Rainbow is definitely the hardest hitting skill, since it can deal upwards of 300 damage to the entire party. Evil Mind Staff is a HP drain move, which heals him for a little bit, while Ape Mind Staff will drain a character’s MP. The most annoying move is something Seabol will use pretty much all the time at low health, which is Magic Tripartite, allowing him to use three moves in a row. Seabol summoning enemies into the battle after doing the former is a good thing, since he isn’t damaging your party or inflicting them with ailments.

Luckily, Seabol can be inflicted with a number of ailments himself, including slow, poison and even stop. Stop is an amazing ailment and should it land, you should be able to take a good chunk of health off the boss before it can do anything. Kanata’s Holy Force can be great here, as you can seal off either Rainbow (the biggest damage dealer) or maybe even Magic Tripartite (not sure if it can). Other than that, managing any additional enemies that come into the battle is a huge point, plus you will always need healing.

Hopefully you had an easy time with that boss, as the rewards are definitely sweet. Seabol will drop a Sage Key and as you noticed, the experience reward was pretty big (around four times as much as a Platinum Bobb). The biggest reward, though, is that the artifacts you placed around the imperial capital, Watt, and Southern Gigante regions are now able to reach you on the moon. One boss is down and a few more to go, so return to the previous area and head north this time. There will be another split here, with another boss coming up, so Quicksave and follow the path north to fight the foe.

BOSS - Morive

As you can see by his appearance, Morive is going to be similar to Morrin from the beginning of the game. Leaf Slap will hit a single character for around 220 damage or so, while Leaf Cyclone will hit everyone for minimal damage for around six or seven hits. The problem is that Leaf Cyclone will draw all of your characters close to the boss, which also happens with Leaf Typhoon (seems to do more hits, but does minimal damage like the former). Root Kick is a single target attack that can deal around 120ish damage, and Root Quake can deal quite a lot of damage. The biggest culprit to watch out for is Leaf Hurricane, as it hits around 12-13 times for about 20-30 damage each hit.

If the boss catches you offguard with Leaf Hurricane, it could result in a game over. Even worse, it has a chance to inflict stop on everyone, so you definitely want to lay on the damage before Morive can use this skill. You could try and seal Leaf Hurricane with Holy Force, but Morive is actually susceptible to Rooster, which basically turns him into a non-threat for a small period of time. Outside of that, you will want to keep your heals on cue when needed. If you’re using Locke, he is very good here with Potientiate, since you can use Full Heals to revive multiple party members should they fall.

That is two bosses down, with Morive dropping a Sincerity Key and your party gaining another 400,000 experience. You also gain the effects of the artifacts from the Elgarthe and Salny regions, which is even better. With that over, return to the last split and go right to find some normal enemies. Ignore the large moving platform to the north and continue east, until you come to a split. Go south first to another split, then northwest to come to another boss.

BOSS - Tungs

Tungs is similar to Knockrock, which you fought not too long ago in Sacred Rahet when retrieving some terromite. He will likely use Shiny and Steel Wall at the beginning of the battle, meaning magical and physical damage will be useless for a short time. Tungs can use Poultrilize to turn a character into a rooster, making them useless, so get a Panacea ready (if you don’t have Peak of Regret, then you’ll likely get it now). There is also Fossilize, which petrifies a single character. Mythril Gun will hurt a lot, but it only hits straight ahead of his white arm, so you can easily avoid it by positioning your characters to the sides.

Later on in the battle, Tungs will use Stiff and Silver Mirror, upping his physical evasion and deploying a magical shield (similar to Steel Wall). Lastly, Oreikhalkos is Tungs super move, hitting everyone for some big damage, but it can be sealed with Holy Force. Tungs can be both poisoned and slowed, so those will come in handy during the battle, especially the latter. The biggest problem, of course, is getting around the various barriers Tungs will erect. Seal Oreikhalkos, position your characters right, and this battle will be a piece of cake.

You will receive the Valor Key for felling Tungs, plus the artifacts from Northern Gigante (Maarport area) and the Massifs (Sacred Rahet area) will be unlocked. That leaves one boss left, which you will be getting to next. Return to the split just north of where you fought Tungs, then Quicksave and go northeast to fight the fourth, and final, optional boss on the Moon.

BOSS - Uhla

Morfos is back, and stronger than ever. If you remember the previous time you fought this boss, then you remember that Metamorphosis will allow her to morph into any one of your party members. Attacking the morphed character will get rid of it, but should it happen to be one of your active members, then that character will take damage. So, you should only use a normal attack (without Momentum Charges) on Uhla should she morph into one of your active members. To make the battle even more annoying, Uhla can use Regen Powder to heal herself each turn, as well as Healing Powder for a one-time big heal.

Outside of the above, Uhla can confuse characters with Butterfly Eye, as well as charm them with Butterfly Wink, so keep Panaceas handy for if this happens. She can use Bash to damage characters for around 150 damage, as well as Gust of Wind for about 110 damage. Acid only hits one character, but it can do upwards of almost 200 damage. Note that Uhla seems to only use Metamorphosis once for each character, but she can use any of that character’s moves while she is morphed into him or her.

This fight might last a lot longer than it should, because of her healing capabilities, but also because her evasion is fairly high, meaning a lot of your attacks will likely miss. You should try, though, to seal Regen Powder with Kanata’s Holy Force, as that will cut down on the battle time. Although you can’t predict when she will use Metamorphosis, you can anticipate it by always having a character ready to take action, so you can quickly get rid of them before they have a chance to perform a skill. Damage really should be a factor in this battle, but you should always be ready with a heal in case.

That should be the final “optional” boss on the Moon, and you’re rewarded with a Stasis Key and access to the artifacts from the entire eastern continent (where Graccia). Return to the northern part of this area, then take the large elevator platform to another new area.

Final Descent

There will be some new enemies in this area, the most notable being Moon Guardians. These crystal-like golems will explode with Gas Bomb whenever you defeat them, so be careful to avoid placing your characters next to them when you do. Go right and then north at the start, interacting with the pink crystal to move a platform. Now, this entire area is a giant circle, so you could go around and get rid of all the monsters before doing anything else. Return to the pink crystal you used, then go northeast to a big area with some more enemies. On the southern end of this area is an elevator platform, so take it to an isolated section with a Dinotaurus Magnus.

While not as much of a threat as the bosses, the Dinotaurus Magnus can certainly output a lot of damage, especially with Meteor, so just be careful. In the southwest corner of this little area is a chest with 3 White Spritnites, so grab them and return to the main section. Follow the path to the north and then to the west, eventually going until you spot another pink crystal (which is not that far west of where you entered this area). Interacting with the second pink crystal will create a bridge that leads to new section via elevator, only you have to go all the way to the north part to access it.

There are a lot of branching paths here, but head north at the start. Note that an even stronger version of the Dinotaurus Magnus is here, the Dinotaurus Giganteus, which can also one-shot you with some attacks. There will be a chest just past the enemy here, which contains 3 Platinum Spritnites. Double back to the entrance and take the right path this time, fighting the enemies and grabbing the glow spot in the lower right. Keep going in this direction to find a pink crystal at the end, which forms a bridge just below you.

Cross that bridge and you can either go left or right. Venture right first to fight more enemies, and find a glow spot, as well as a pink crystal that will create the path you need to use to continue. Return to the split and you will see the bridge you created to your right. Ignore it and go left first to find a chest at the end, which will have 2 Last Elixirs in it. Now, take that path you created to one final elevator, where a short scene will occur. You’ll be forced to fight some monsters here, with the first wave being some Med’Durs, which are reskins of the dragon-like enemies you’ve been encountering throughout the Moon.

The second wave consists of two Zandis and an Iron Giant, enemies you fought in the previous area; they are susceptible to instant death, so use them if you have them. The final wave will be two Dinotaurus Giganteus monsters, which goes without saying are fairly dangerous. Needless to say, this final battle here is challenging, since you won’t be able to start with any MC or full ATB gauges, so you will want to be extra careful in your choices of skills. You will reach the center of the moon shortly after finishing off the two dinosaurs.

The first things you will see here are a glorious, sweet save point, as well as a portal. This portal will bring you back to the very beginning of the Moon, by your ship, with another portal being there to take you back to the center. You can take this chance to do the character sidequests, if you want, or grind levels/money should you need anything. There are also four chests in the same area as the portal and save point, but they are all locked normally. You require the keys that are dropped from the extra bosses on the Moon, so if you’ve been following this guide, then you already have them. Open each one for a Hammer of War, Spirit Staff, God Hand, and The Avenger. When you’ve made all of your preparations, go through the opening to the north for the boss!

BOSS - Eclipse

As a boss, Eclipse isn’t too bad, since it doesn’t seem to have too many moves to worry about. White Needle will hit a single character for around 190-200 damage, while Dark Fragment does about the same damage to a single character. Shadow Swamp will hit everyone for around 100 damage, and Black Tail will damage for everyone for around 130-150, as well. There is really nothing special to this fight, other than making sure you keep everyone’s health up, especially with the two hit-all skills. Feel free to inflict Physical/Magical Mar on the boss, if you wish, but it’s really not needed.

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That seemed a touch too easy for a final boss, but not long after the fight ends, the true final boss will appear.

BOSS - Dark Ruin

Yep, Dark Ruin is a proper final boss, with a lot of health, so it will definitely be a long and grueling battle. He has a couple of moves that are defensive and plenty that are offensive. Shake will get rid of everyone’s ATB gauge, which is especially annoying. Rainbow Breath is a move that affects an area, but if you stick your characters to the far sides (closer to the boss, the better it seems), you should be able to avoid the attack. It does around 120-130 damage, but the color of the breath will determine the ailment that the character is afflicted with. Red is Scald, Green is Silence, Yellow is Oblivion and Blue is Freeze; keep Panaceas ready to cure those.

Giant Horn can deal a lot of damage, around 250 or more, and it pushes characters back, too. Dark Ruin has two multi-hit attacks, the first of which is Cluster Beam. This is the lesser of the two, as it tends to miss more often, but each hit can do in the ballpark of 100 or so damage. Automatic Punch, on the other hand, seems to have a wider range and while it does around the same damage per hit, you’re going to get hit more times with this one. It is possible some of your lesser HP characters might get one-shot with the latter attack. Moon’s Birth is one more hit-all attack that does big damage (350 or even more), plus it has a chance to instantly KO characters.

There are two moves in the boss’ arsenal that have unknown effects. Right Twinkle will put a green glow on your characters for a brief moment, while Left Twinkle puts a single green sparkle on the battlefield. It is possible these are moves that will remove all buffs on your characters or debuffs on the boss. At one point, you might see the boss use Quicken, which is a big heal for around 5,000. The last thing that needs to be talked about are Dark Ruin’s shields, which are odd.

The boss can erect a shield that will have (weak to ???) in parentheses, with ??? representing something. For example, Hope Barrier means that he is weak to hope, which means that only a single character will be able to deal damage to the boss while the shield is active. You should be able to distinguish which character you need to use, but if you can survive the boss’ attacks, then you should be able to keep attacking normally and break through the shield. The shields act a little odd, though, as some other characters’ attacks might get through, while others won’t do any damage.

This battle is one of attrition and you’re going to need healing, so Sherra or Locke will be ideal. Sherra with the Show Tuner will last a good while, since it halves MP cost, but the other characters will likely need a MP boost once or twice. That’s where Locke’s Potentiate comes into play, since you can replenish MP for everyone, plus you can use that skill as a last resort with some Full Heals in case of emergencies. Lumina is also very good, since she is very fast and even faster with the weapon you get from the Moon (the locked one). Kanata can be more of a utility character here, with Holy Force possibly sealing off Moon’s Birth and Shining helping with the healing.

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