The Abstergo Challenges refer to a section in the main menu that features 70 challenges that you can attempt during the game. They are awarded for completing an assortment of different tasks related to all facets of the game from nabbing collectibles, to exploration and combat. These challenges are divided into seven different categories and within each category, there are challenges ranked at three different levels of difficulty.

You will be able to undertake these challenges pretty much from the get go and I would recommend playing through the game as per normal as you will unlock quite a few of them just doing your own thing. Once you have completed the game, you should then head into the menu and knock off those that remain incomplete.

Note that the challenges can be viewed and their progress tracked from the Abstergo Challenge section in the main menu.

  • For every five challenges you complete, you will unlock a cheat.
  • For completing 35 challenges, you will earn the achievement/trophy ‘Dedicated Employee’.
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Dedicated Employee

Complete 35 Abstergo Challenges

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For convenience, I have listed them all below. Without further ado, here are all the challenges organised by category:

Lone Wolf Challenges

Lone Wolf - Level 1 Challenges
Synchronise five viewpoints.
Perform 10 assassinations.
Perform 10 air assassinations.
Kill 10 enemies from hiding places.
Complete three Assassin intercepts.
Lone Wolf - Level 2 Challenges
Climb for a total of 500 meters.
Perform five double assassinations.
Perform 10 escapes from open conflict via blending or hiding.
Dive into water from a height of 45 meters.
Lone Wolf - Level 3 Challenges
Hang five enemies with rope darts.
Have 10 enemies killed by another berserk enemy.
Complete all 12 Assassin Intercepts.

Privateer Challenges

Privateer - Level 1 Challenges
Purchase three boat upgrades.
Sink a ship with the Puckle gun.
Capture three ships.
Plunder six warehouses.
Privateer - Level 2 Challenges
Capture three forts.
Sink a ship by ramming it.
Unlock five taverns.
Own five different figureheads.
Privateer - Level 3 Challenges
Defeat three men-o’-war.
Plunder three warehouses without triggering an alarm bell.
Complete two legendary battles.
Sail a total distance of 120 nautical miles.

Scout Challenges

Scout - Level 1 Challenges
Collect 10 Animus fragments.
Collect a Templar map.
Collect a piece of the Viking armour.
Scout - Level 2 Challenges
Collect 50 Animus fragments.
Collect all Templar maps.
Collect all pieces of the Viking armour.
Visit 15 different locations.
Scout - Level 3 Challenges
Collect all 200 Animus fragments.
Synchronise all viewpoints.
Find all cave paintings.

Trapper Challenges

Trapper - Level 1 Challenges
Skin five animals.
Kill a Canadian Lynx with the hidden blade.
Harpoon a sea animal.
Pet five dogs.
Trapper - Level 2 Challenges
Skin fifteen animals.
Harpoon and kill five sea animals.
Craft five hero upgrades.
Trapper - Level 3 Challenges
Kill a Black Wolf.
Craft all 28 hero upgrades.
Harpoon and kill each type of sea animal.
Skin each type of animal.

Warrior Challenges

Warrior - Level 1 Challenges
Kill three enemies with a grenade.
Achieve a three enemy kill streak.
Kill five stalkers.
Kill five enemies with headshots.
Kill five enemies affected by a smoke bomb within 10 seconds.
Warrior - Level 2 Challenges
Kill eight enemies with grenades.
Achieve a five enemy kill streak.
Use every type of weapon to kill enemies.
Kill 30 enemies with headshots.
Warrior - Level 3 Challenges
Achieve a seven enemy kill streak.
Disarm and kill three agile enemies with their own weapons.

Financier Challenges

Financier- Level 1 Challenges
Pickpocket 200L.
Loot 10 bodies.
Possess 5,000L.
Renovate a building.
Financier- Level 2 Challenges
Free a trade route in the Naval Campaign.
Complete all trading missions in the Naval campaign.
Renovate five buildings.
Spend 70,000L.
Financier- Level 3 Challenges
Renovate all 39 buildings.
Possess 150,000L.
Unlock all 33 destinations in the Naval Campaign.

Performance Challenges

Performance Challenges
Level 1 - Achieve 25% total synchronisation.
Level 2 - Achieve 50% total synchronisation.
Level 3 - Achieve 100% total synchronisation.


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