Once you have spoken with the hunter to begin the hunting challenge, your map will be updated with a relatively large, green search area. We need to head inside and track down the animals required for the objective.

We need to find and kill 5 deer. Deer are extremely fast and once they are aware of your presence, they will get spooked and run off. Usually, unless they take a sharp 90 degree turn or bump into a wall, there is no way you will be able to catch and kill them by chasing afterwards. Instead, to hunt the deer you have a couple of options:

  • Air assassinate the animals from the tree branches above.
  • Use the stalking zones, wait for a deer to get close and then stealth assassinate it.
  • Shoot the deer with a sleep dart and then skin it whilst it sleeps.

Approach the hunter to start the challenge (left). Use air assassinations or tranquilisers to take the deer (right) down and skin them.

I would recommend using the sleep dart method as it is extremely quick and effective and after you skin the animal, you’ll have the pelt and a bone – the latter of which will allow you to instantly craft another sleep dart from the crafting menu.

Once you have the required pelts, the challenge will be complete.

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