Before proceeding with this sequence’s missions, you are going to want to upgrade the Morrigan a bit to make things a little less tricky. Whilst it is possible to do the next few missions without doing so, grabbing a couple of upgrades at this point will make things a little less frustrating. I would recommend the following upgrades:

  • Hull Armour (1200 L + 50 metal + 70 wood)
  • Heavy Shot (900 L + 35 metal) + Heavy Shot 2 (3000L + 90 metal)
  • Broadside Cannons (1700 L + 70 metal)
  • Front carronades (5000L + 80 metal)

Part 1: Tailing

Once the beginning scene has come and gone, make your way down to the Morrigan and climb aboard. Set sail for the large green search area to the southeast. Pull out your spyglass and use it to locate a schooner named the Equitas.

Once you have located the target ship, an objective marker will appear above it. It will soon take off at high speed, so try to keep after it. As the target ship sails off, it will start depositing mines in the water behind it. You can use your newly acquired Puckle gun to shoot these as you go. The Equitas will make its way through an ice sheet, so keep following after.

Locate the Equitas (left) and follow it through the ice sheet (right).

Part 2: Naval Combat

It’s a trap! You’ll be set upon by a frigate and three gunships. Note that there is an optional objective at this point to destroy those three gunships using nothing but the Puckle gun – so keep that in mind!

Anyway, as soon as you spot the ships, it is very likely that you’ll be immediately rammed and boarded by the frigate before you can do anything else. If this happens, you will need to kill 10 enemy boarders on the deck of your ship before you can decide what you want to do with it (repair the Morrigan or salvage it) and can cut the ship loose. When that happens, use your Puckle gun to take down the remaining 3 gunships to complete the objective.

Fight off the frigate (left) and use your Puckle Gun (right) to take down the gunships for the optional objective!

Part 3: Pursuit

Once the fight is over, you’ll need to catch up with The Equitas which has continued to sail off to the north whilst we were occupied. As you approach it, it will enter a cove to the left and start dropping flaming oil into the water behind it – you’ll want to avoid this, or your ship will catch on fire and take significant damage.

Manoeuvre your way through the lines of flaming oil and approach the docking point at the Terra Nova location point ahead. Our target will disembark and run off and well, we need to chase and kill him.

Part 4: Assassinate

Note that there is an optional objective to perform an air assassination our target, so let’s totally do it… let’s do it to the max.

As soon as we dock, hop over to the landing area and use the crates here to leap up to a ledge above. Find the fallen tree nearby as this will conveniently give us access to the guard tower ahead. Climb up here and dispatch the sniper.

Climb the sniper's tower to find a treetop pathway (left). Follow this to the end for an easy air assassination on our target (right).

From the sniper tower, have a look towards the assassination target’s marker in the distance. Again, convenience is at hand – there is a treetop pathway leading all the way to a small camp at the end of the gorge here where our target has set up shop. At the very end of the treetop pathway, you’ll find yourself on a tree branch with an easy view of the target. Simply highlight him and perform the air assassination to end the mission.


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