Part 1: Infiltrate

Follow your friend through the gate and all the way across the palace courtyard. Move up to the green objective marker at the far end and as you approach, you’ll spot your target. Unfortunately, he enters the building and the door shuts behind him. Time to find an alternate route!

At this point, your objective marker will conveniently relocate, showing you exactly where you need to go – an open door on a balcony nearby. To reach it, climb up on the latticework in the garden below and hop across to the wall from here to avoid the attention of the guards in the restricted area. Climb to the balcony and enter the palace.

Follow your friend forward (left). Once the objective updates climb up and into the window indicated (right).

A scene will play as you enter.

Part 2: Locate

This next part requires us to locate a secret meeting, which can be done via the Eagle vision. The problem is that the entire area is in a restricted area and there are quite a few guards patrolling about. As such, you’ll need to work your way through the next series of rooms, mingling in with the crowd to avoid the guards.

When you reach the dead end, sneak by the guard and hop out the window. Assassinate the guard in the courtyard below and sneak up the next hallway, through the doorway next to the children and then through the door on the right until you reach a large hallway filled with people. Use your eagle vision to detect your target at the far end of the hallway.

Use the crowds to avoid the guards as you work through the building (left). Air assassinate the guard below (right).

This will cause a green objective marker to appear. Work your way over to this location through the crowd for a scene.

Part 3: Assassinate

Following the scene, our target will be standing in the middle of the hall and will periodically wander around to different groups of revellers. Use the crowds to get close to him and when you get the chance, assassinate him to complete the ‘incomplete’ memory and to end the game.

Go to the objective marker at the end of the hallway (left). Then use the crowds to sneak up and kill the target (right).

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No Page Unturned

Complete the final glitched memory.

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Templar Then Templar Now

Complete the game

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