Part 1: Infiltrate

Make your way up to the manor in front and head inside. Climb to the second floor and use eagle vision to locate the object we are looking for. Head on in and interact with the set of drawers here for a scene.

Part 2: Escape

As soon as the scene ends you’ll find yourself in a bush outside. There will be a large number of enemies looking for you and mortars dropping into the area. Keep an eye out for the flares, where they land is where a mortar will drop – as such you want to avoid them at all costs!

Note that at this point, the two optional objectives for this mission become active – you need to complete the mission without killing anyone (if you make sure Shay is unarmed, you can still assassinate people) and without taking any damage.

Stay in the bush at the start for a few moments and knock out the pair of guards that come to poke around in the stalking area. Once that is done, make tracks for the fallen tree across the small road. Climb this and follow the treetop pathway to the end. The shed here will be destroyed – don’t jump into this or you’ll desynchronise. Instead, drop down onto the shrubs below.

Use the treetop pathway to get across the mortar fire (left) and work your way through the bushes (right) until you reach the next area.

Follow the cliff towards the green marker in the distance and knock out the fellow searching bushes ahead. A tree will fall down in front of you, forcing us to turn right. There are a further three enemies searching the shrubs here and we can either enter the bushes and take them out one at a time, or sprint through them (make sure you take no damage) and around the next corner for a scene.

Following the cinematic turn Shay slightly to the right and have him climb up the fallen tree. Use the branches to make your way through the next few trees and when you can go no further, dive into the pile of leaves below.

Sneak up to the next set of bushes when no-one is looking and then climb the log nearby to enter yet another platforming path through the treetops. You’ll reach a hunting platform around halfway through, so be sure to knock out the guard here before proceeding. Again, once you reach the end of the treetop path, dive into the pile of leaves below. Continue along the path to reach the next area.

Use the treetops (left) and the bushes scattered about the place (right) to sneak through to the objective marker.

As you see the enemies jumping down from the ledge on the left, immediately enter the bushes. Work your way through the shrubs here, taking down guards that get too close until you reach the slanted snowy platform to the right of the main path. Quickly climb to the top of this and then jump down to the left to bypass the remaining guards.

Run up the hill and be prepared – an assassin is going to air assassinate you at this point, so when you see that counter button appear above his head be sure to press it immediately or you’ll take some health damage and void that optional objective. After he has been countered continue running a short distance until a cut-scene plays to signal the end of the memory.


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