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Detroit: Become Human
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Jemma Hough
First Published: 29-06-2018 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 19-05-2019 / 18:34 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 25-08-2019 / 12:01 GMT

Detroit: Become Human Guide

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Story Walkthrough

Chapter 3 - A New Home

For this chapter, you’ll play as Kara and be introduced to Todd and his daughter, Alice. As Kara, it’s your job to maintain the home, which is what she was built for. There are quite a lot of tasks to find and complete here, but we’ll break it down for you to get that 100% on the flowchart and unlock all the options that will impact Kara’s story later.

Hold R2 to scan environment
Look for the yellow markers around the environment to interact with

When you have control, get out of the car and follow Todd into the house. Then, when he tells you to clean the place, press R2 to see what objectives are available to you. You must clean the first floor as well as check the back garden, so let’s begin.

Magazine – This should be your second magazine of the game. As soon as you have control, head right to the dining table to pick it up. Read both articles to make it register in your collection.

Wash Dishes – Take the dishes from the dining table into the kitchen and wash them in the sink. In the middle of this, Todd will order you to get him a beer.

Turn on Vaccum - After fetching the beer, find the vacuum on the floor to the left of the TV and turn it on.

Back Garden – Head outside to find the laundry basket and fill it with the clothes from the washing line.

Talk to Alice – If you wait before going back inside the house, Alice will come outside – talk to her.

Rewash Clothes – Take the clothes you picked off the washing line and put them in the washing machine in the laundry room.

Find Red Ice/Make Todd Angry – As you place the clothes in the machine, you’ll come across Todd’s Red Ice in the detergent. Finding it will make him angry and he’ll yell at you.

Take the clothes from the line outside and speak to Alice
Find the Red Ice in the laundry room to enrage Todd

Disturb Todd – All you have to do is stand in front of the TV until Todd gets mad at you again.

Remove Trash – Pick up all the rubbish lying around in the kitchen, on the counter, and on the coffee table, and take it outside to the bin.

This completes all the tasks downstairs, so next you need to head upstairs to start cleaning all the rooms there, too. Report to Todd first.

Clean Todd’s Room – Head to Todd’s room first to find some items that will become important later. Make the bed, put the guitar away, organise and clean general mess, and open the window. You can even watch the TV.

Put Pills Away/See Gun (important) – If you tidy up the pill bottles on the nightstand, Kara will put them in the drawer. Doing this causes her to find Todd’s gun which unlocks a choice for Chapter 6 – A Stormy Night.

Magazine – There’s a magazine in Todd’s room. Make sure to read both articles to make it register.

Clean Bathroom/Restroom – When you come out of Todd’s room he’ll be leaving the restroom. Clean the toilet, then head to the bathroom to tidy up and mop the floor.

If you take long enough, Alice will eventually make her way to her bedroom. As long as you’ve done all the above tasks first, you can now clean Alice’s room and talk to her again.

Alice's room is at the end of the hallway with drawings on the door
Clean the room then speak to Alice for a key

Clean Alice’s Room – Head into her bedroom to clean up. Open the window (which will unlock a choice for Chapter 6 – A Stormy Night) and make her bed.

Talk to Alice – Once you’ve done the above, interact with Alice and choose any of the dialogues available. All of them will make her like you and she will give you a key before leaving the room.

Open the Box – When Alice gives you the key, look for the box on the dresser by the door. Open it up and look through all the contents inside to discover a secret.

Open the box on the dresser by the door
Inspect the contents and finish the chapter by going downstairs

From here you can finish the chapter as normal. Hopefully you didn’t miss anything inside the objectives and the flowchart should appear as 100% complete.

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