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Detroit: Become Human
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Jemma Hough
First Published: 29-06-2018 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 19-05-2019 / 18:34 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 19-08-2019 / 15:05 GMT

Detroit: Become Human Guide

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Story Walkthrough

Chapter 5 - Partners

We return to Connor as he seeks out Lt. Hank Anderson at a bar that doesn’t welcome androids. The aim of the chapter is to get Hank away from the bar and to a crime scene – the two of you will now be partners for the remainder of the game.

Enter Jimmy’s Bar – You’ll automatically walk into Jimmy’s when prompted to enter through the door.

Find Lt. Anderson – The first thing you have to do is Face Scan the Customers. Hold down R2 to scan the room and focus on any of the people’s faces, then press triangle to scan their appearance. You can scan them all if you’re curious, but you only need to scan a single customer to unlock the node on the flowchart.

Use R2 to scan the area, and triangle to analyse faces
Hank is sitting at the bar

Next, you need to Face Scan Lt. Anderson. You can find him sitting at the bar with a drink – he has long grey-white hair and a beard. To scan his face, walk over to his other side, followed by R2 and triangle.

Talk to Hank – Once you have successfully scanned him, you’ll be prompted to talk to him. Now, because this guide caters to leading you towards the good ending, it’s important to build a friendship with Hank. You’ll get four dialogue options: REASON, THREATEN, UNDERSTANDING, and PERSIST. If you choose THREATEN or PERSIST, Hank will react negatively and your reputation with him will decrease. By choosing REASON or UNDERSTANDING, he will remain neutral. You get to choose two, so stick to keeping him neutral.

Choose REASON followed by UNDERSTANDING or vice-versa
Offer to buy Hank another drink

After this, you’ll be given three further choices to try and make him leave the bar. You can either SPILL HIS DRINK (which will lower reputation), BUY HIM ANOTHER DRINK (which will increase reputation), or WAIT OUTSIDE (which will keep him neutral). Avoid spilling his drink and you should successfully make him leave with you.

In the next section, you’ll arrive at the crime scene. Hank will tell you to wait in the car. Choose to respond: PATIENT, FIRM, or DIPLOMATIC. Choosing to be firm is the bad choice here, so go with PATIENT or DIPLOMATIC.

After agreeing to stay in the car, Connor will leave anyway
Follow Hank inside the house for your objectives

Then, once Hank leaves, Connor will follow after him into the house anyway.

Listen to Briefing – All you have to do here is just stand in front of the grisly crime scene and listen to the officers talk about the victim. Afterward, you’ll receive your next objective: Examine Victim.

Investigate Writing – Above the victim are the words “I AM ALIVE”. You’ll be prompted to analyse it.

Sample Blood – Find any of the blood traces in the room to sample it.

Analyse Carlos’ Body – Examine the body by holding R2, then scan the four clues. When you’ve done this, you’ll be prompted to reconstruct the scene.

Analyse the body and the writing on the wall
After analysing the clues on the body, reconstruct the scene

When you’ve done all this, it’s time to find all the evidence in the house, but you only have five minutes to do so before triggering an event. There are 10 pieces total to hunt down, so here is where they all are:

Knife – Lying next to the number 2 marker in the middle of the living room.

Red Ice – Next to the number 3 marker in the living room beside the TV.

“4” Marker – Still in the living room, press L1 to look at it when the prompt appears.

Eden Club Flyer – You’ll find this one at the back of the room on a desk by the lamp.

Blood on Walls – Next to the number 5 and 6 markers in the hallway, press L1 to look at the blood on the walls. This counts as two clues.

Head towards the kitchen to look at the wall
Use L1 to find the blood

Back Garden – Find the door by the number 6 marker to go outside. When you look down, you’ll be prompted to press triangle to analyse the mud.

Chair – Analyse the toppled over chair in the kitchen by the number 7 marker.

Missing Knife – On the kitchen counter, by the number 8 marker, is an empty space where a knife used to be. Press L1 to analyse it.

Baseball Bat – And, finally, by the number 9 marker, you’ll find a baseball bat on the kitchen floor by the refrigerator. Analyse the bat to scan for two clues, then Reconstruct the Assault.

Examine the bat on the kitchen floor
Then reconstruct the scene when prompted

You can also pick up the next Magazine lying on the kitchen counter. Make sure to read both articles to make it register.

Following on from this, you can head into the bathroom at the end of the hall and Check the Shower. Although not part of the collectible evidence, you can pull back the curtain to find “rA9” scrawled frantically all over the tiles. Additionally, you can Examine the Statue by looking at the floor of the shower and analysing it when prompted to do so.

Find rA9 writing in the shower
Examine the statue

If you don’t find everything within the allocated five minutes, Hank will suddenly say that he’s leaving. If he leaves, you have to leave, too. You can Ask For More Time, but your current reputation with Hank will dictate his answer. If you chose the negative responses earlier, Hank will automatically refuse to stay, and the mission will have failed. But if you chose the positive and neutral responses, he will accept your request and give you an extra five minutes. However, if you still can’t find everything within that time, the mission will automatically fail.

Report to Hank – By finding all the clues and reconstructing the crime scene within the given time limit, you can speak to Hank and give him all the details. From here, the two of you will move around the house while Connor explains what happened, and you’ll be given five dialogue sequences. These are the correct answers of each one:


Choose the correct sequence of events to unravel the crime scene
If successful, find the deviant

If you were able to pay close attention to your earlier reconstructions, you can get these answers correct with no problem. But your answers will affect your standing with Hank. If you fail to reconstruct the crime correctly, Hank will close the investigation and your reputation with him will decrease. If you get the sequence of events right, Hank will be impressed, and continue to warm up to you.

Once the reconstruction is complete, you have to find the deviant responsible for the victim’s murder.

Note: By finding the deviant, you gain access to a later chapter, ‘The Interrogation’. If you don’t find him, this chapter will remain inaccessible.

Follow the Blue Blood – You can follow the blood to the end of the hall by using R2, where you’ll be prompted to scan the wall to your left – a ladder used to be there. Then Connor will look up at the attic above him.

Use R2 to highlight the blue blood trail on the floor
Follow the blood to the end of the hall by the bathroom

Search the Attic – Head into the kitchen for a chair that you can stand on below the attic entrance. Climb on to the chair, open the attic, and climb inside. From here, simply move through the attic to the very back until you stumble upon the android. You don’t get to choose whether to cover for him or not, as Connor will automatically have him arrested.

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