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Detroit: Become Human
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Jemma Hough
First Published: 29-06-2018 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 19-05-2019 / 18:34 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 19-08-2019 / 15:05 GMT

Detroit: Become Human Guide

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Story Walkthrough

Chapter 20 - The Pirates' Cove

We return to Kara and Alice with their new friend, Luther, as they seek shelter from the blizzard. You start off in the car.

Watch the News: Look at the TV on the dashboard by pressing the touchpad on your controller to activate it.

Talk to Luther: Luther is on your left – look at him to talk.

Talk to Luther
Investigate the car

Look at Alice: Alice is in the backseat – turn the camera to look at her.

Car Breaks Down: After a short drive, the car will break down – there is no way around this, therefore unmissable.

Investigate: Get out of the car to pop the hood and investigate the cause of the breakdown.

Scan Environment: There’s a big sign advertising an amusement park in the distance. Walk towards it and press L1 to focus on it, then you can continue the linear path towards the amusement park to complete the objective.

Walk along until you're prompted to look at the sign
Enter the amusement park

You’ll enter into Pirates’ Cove where there are plenty of things to check out as you look for a place to spend the night. Let’s break it down into sections so you don’t miss anything!

Fun Fair – Entrance

– Look at Map: At the entrance of the park, find the map on your left. Interact to wipe away the snow and look at it again with L1.
– Check Buildings: Check any of the buildings around the park. Kara will make comments about how useless they are for shelter.
– Examine Frozen Android: Take the first turn right to find an android frozen in place. You can use R2 to scan for it, and then interact with it to complete the task.
– Switch on Ivan: Ivan is the android fortune teller encased in a glass box in the middle of the path. You can use R2 to scan for him, highlighted by a yellow marker.

Look for shelter
Look at the frozen Jerry android

Fun Fair – North End

– Check Abandoned Tavern: This is an automatic story objective. Walk to the end of the path towards the ferris wheel, and on the left you’ll find the tavern. It’s the only building suitable to spend the night in, so …

Enter the Tavern

Find the tavern
Luther will break down the door for you

Inside the Tavern

– Magazine: Kara will put her flashlight down on some barrels, right where the magazine is sitting. Pick this up first, making sure to read both articles to make it register in your collection.

Pick up the magazine as soon you have control again
Search your surroundings

– Look at rA9 writing: Take a look at the writing on the wall by the windows.

– Look at Leaflet: On the floor by the windows, next to the writing on the wall, you can scan for the leaflet using R2.

– Luther Starts a Fire: Walk around the tavern for a bit and Luther will automatically begin a fire.

– Look Through Window: Peer through the window by the door.

– Look at Pirate: You can press L1 to look at the pirate by the door.

Take down the curtain
Take the pillow

Make a Bed for Alice: Take down the curtain from the window and find the pirate pillow to take to Alice.

– Alice Looks at Poster: While you’re making her a bed, she will wander over to a poster showing a happy family – Talk to Alice.
– Alice Goes to Bed: She’ll get settled in the bed right after.

Find Alice looking at the poster
Talk to Alice

Open Bag: On the counter by Alice’s bed is the bag you brought with you on your journey. You can scan for it with R2 if you’re not sure. Only open it AFTER speaking to Alice in front of the poster.

– Offer Cookie: Offer a cookie to Alice – she’ll refuse (Alice Not Hungry).
– See Gun: In the same bag is a gun – check it (Kara Notices Gun).

Find the bag on the counter
Check it's contents

Tell Alice a Story: This is unmissable – sit down with Alice to interact with her again and choose from all the dialogue options to create a bedtime story. The choices have no effect on anything, so choose whatever you like.

Talk to Alice
Tell her a story

Talk to Luther: Afterward, sit by Luther to talk to him. If you saw the rA9 writing on the wall, then you can talk to him about it.

Talk to Luther by the window
Ask him about rA9

Shadows Attack: When you’ve spoken with Luther, a bunch of androids will break into the tavern. You’ll have a few choices, but you’ll only have to choose one to unlock all four in the flowchart.

– Grab Gun: If you saw it in the bag before, then you can grab the gun. This can lead to Fire Warning Shot, Threaten, Question, and Push Away.
– Grab Stick from the Fire
– Protect Alice
– Put Out Fire

Androids Reveal Themselves as Jerrys: The ‘attackers’ are just the androids that used to work at the amusement park and are excited to see people again.

You can choose to protect Alice from the intruders
The option to use the gun will be locked if you chose to protect Alice

Back Outside: The Jerrys are happy to see a child and want to show her something outside.

– Go to the Carousel
– Switch on the Carousel
– Put Alice on the Ride

Turn the carousel on
Lift Alice on to the ride

This is the only outcome to this chapter as the group enjoy a quiet moment together watching Alice enjoy the carousel ride. It will also automatically unlock the trophy, ‘A Smile on Her Face’.

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