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Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition

Choosing a Biotic Specialist and Diversion Squad Leader

Matt Chard

After completing the mission Collector Base: Infiltration, you’re squad will have to split into two again, one group will head through a seeker swarm infested area. You’ll have to use one of your squad member’s biotic ability to keep you safe from the swarms whilst the other squad will act as a diversion. Finally, you’ll have a choice to send somebody to escort Normandy’s crew out of the Collectors Base.

Choice: Biotic Specialist

The Biotic Specialist that you choose needs to be talented enough to complete the task at hand, meaning you’ll have to have them leveled up.

  • Ideal - Loyal Jack, Loyal Morinth, or Loyal Samara.

The Barrier will hold if you pick any of the above, and you’ve completed their Loyalty Missions.

  • Non Ideal - Anyone else, including Jack/Morinth/Samara if they’re not loyal.

One of your combat squad members will die (chosen randomly).

Choice: Diversion Squad Leader

EDI will point out that the mission will be more successful if you use another path as a diversion. For this, you’ll need to pick a suitable squad leader for the task.

  • Ideal - Miranda, Loyal Garrus, or Loyal Jacob. Miranda will survive even if she isn’t loyal.

Your Diversion Squad leader will survive.

  • Non Ideal - Anyone else, including Garrus/Jacob if they’re not loyal.

Your Diversion Squad leader will die.

The Escort

The last choice to make will be if you choose to send someone to escort the Normandy crew out of the Collector Base. There are three outcomes to this choice.

  • Send a squad member.

If the squad member is loyal, the escort, and the crew will survive, this is the best outcome. If you send someone who isn’t loyal, the escort will die, but the crew will survive.

  • Don’t send a squad member.

The entirety of the Normandy crew will die if you don’t choose to send an escort.

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