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Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition

Samara: Morinth Stays or Leaves

Matt Chard

During Samara’s Loyalty mission: The Ardat Yakshi, you will have some choices to make, which will result in Morinth staying at the club, or leaving.

Choice: Morinth Stays or Leaves

During Samara’s Loyalty mission: The Ardat Yakshi, you will need to get Morinth’s attention by completing four club activities, after that you’ll have a series of dialogue choice at the club table which you’ll need to answer correctly. The outcome of this will be the difference on whether Morinth stays at the club or leaves.

Club activities

You’ll need to do at least four activities in the club to keep Morinth to stay, these are as follows:

Buy the club a round of drinks.

You’ll need to speak to the bartender, Edwin, to do this. You can convince him to issue the round of drinks if you have high enough Paragon points. Alternatively, you can just buy them yourself, and you won’t lose any credits.

Dance with Waera.

When you have the chance to dance with the Asari, choose the Paragon dialogue “Let’s dance”. Any other choice will end up with a bad impression, failing this activity.

Prevent the journalists death

Talk to Horftin, an undercover journalist, and you’ll find out that he, and his colleague Moirall has been investigating gang leaders in secret, they learn that Moirall’s cover has been blown. Head over to Florit, the gang leader in question, who can be found at the other side of the club. Make sure to use Moirall’s warning phrase in this order, Terminal, and Eternity. Using any other dialogue choices will upset Florit, which in turn, upsets the journalist, failing this activity.

Stop the Turian soliciting an Asari dancer

On the dance floor, near the center of the room, you’ll find a Turian, Meln, attempting to convince and Asari dancer, Hallia, in doing other activities which don’t involve dancing. By choosing to intervene, you’ll give him a beatdown. This will impress Morinth, and complete the activity successfully, if not, Hallia will kneecap Meln herself, but you’ll fail the activity.

Beating up prospective muggers

In the corner of the bar, you’ll notice two Turians, Vertin, and Huck sitting down, and talking. Head over to them, and you’ll find out that they are discussing their plans on how they can get enough credits to get Hink, their boss, off their back. Their plans involve mugging, which doesn’t sit right with you, and you’ll have a choice to make. You can intimidate them, which will end in a quick fight, rewarding you with Renegade points, or you can bribe them to leave. You won’t lose any credits for this.

Insult the Krogan

As you walk into the corner of the bar, you’ll find a Krogan, trash talking Humans, as you go over to him, you’ll have the renegade option “Let’s step outside”, choosing any other option will result in failing this activity. After you head outside, you and Verf, the Krogan, will have a stare down, with you winning it. This will successfully complete the activity.

How to convince Morinth

After completing at least four club activities successfully, Morinth will suggest you talk, she’ll take you to a VIP booth, and you’ll sit down, and talk. These choices here are very important on completing the mission, as the wrong choice can end the mission, here and now. Start off by answering “I’m confident”, then, in any order, speak about these following topics:

  • Art and “vids” - Talk about the violence contained within them. Mentioning Forta, and/or Vaenia in particular helps here.

  • Music - Talk about The Band “Expel 10”, a history with drugs, drug interests, also, mention Hallex.

  • Travel - Talk about how you enjoy the danger, and the belief that power is its own reward.

Try not to talk about topics involving family or justicars, as this links back to Samara, and will tip Morinth off. Finally, You can use Renegade or Paragon choices to ensure your success, and avoid losing her interest.

Morinth Stays

If you do the required club activities, and answer with the right responses at the table, Morinth will stay. This will guarantee a Loyal Asari Biotic on your squad.

Morinth Leaves

If you don’t do the required club activities, or answer with the right responses at the table, Morinth will leave, and the mission will be completed unsuccessfully. Although this isn’t a critical failure, Samara will be disloyal, which can put herself, and others at risk during the Suicide Mission at the end of the game.

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