Following the mission on the derelict Reaper, head to the galaxy map and use it. After a short conversation, you and the rest of your squad will leave the Normandy and soon after, a quick scene will play.

After the scene ends, you will be in control of Joker. Follow the trail of lights on the floor into the Tech Lab and crawl down the hatch in the back right corner of the room. At the bottom, another crew member will be waiting for you and will escort you for a bit - he won’t last long though, so just try to ignore all the baddies and continue to follow the trail of lights on the floor. Enter the room at the back of the Medical Bay to watch a short scene. Afterwards, turn around and make your way down the next crawl space. At the bottom, continue to follow the red lights on the floor and ignore any enemies that you see. After heading through the first door, activate the console here to watch another scene.

Follow the red lights on the floor (left) and interact with the consoles as necessary (right).

Following Joker’s heroics, the rest of the crew will return and as always, be intent on discussing their next course of action. During the following conversation, you will find out what your plans will be from here on out. But do not agree to leave immediately; instead you should tell your crew members to hang ten before chasing after the Collector ship.

Before continuing, if you haven’t done so already, we recommend heading back downstairs into the Medical Bay and activate the Geth you rescued from the derelict Reaper (if you kept it). After a short conversation it can join your crew.

Another worthwhile undertaking is to speak to each and every crew member (which you have hopefully been doing up to this point anyway), picking up, and completing, each of their respective loyalty missions. Completing the missions for each member builds their loyalty towards you and also allows each of them to unlock an additional ability which was previously unusable - which will make taking down enemies much easier. Check out the loyalty missions on the following pages to find guides for each of them.

In addition, you really should upgrade your characters as much as possible. You can check out the upgrade guide for any you might have missed, and complete any exploration/task side missions still available for additional credits, resources and an upgrade or two. You should also use this opportunity to fly to each of the hub worlds - The Citadel, Illium, Tuchanka and Omega to purchase all the research projects from the shops. In addition to the research projects you have found during previous missions, upgrading your characters as much as possible will help them survive the final mission.

If you haven’t already, you should also upgrade the Normandy. To do this, you will need to complete your crew members’ loyalty mission (listed below) and then engage in conversation with them and ask about upgrades. Whilst everyone has something to contribute, the three most important crew members to approach would be:

  • Speak With **Tali** to upgrade the Normandy's shields ( **Multicore Shielding** ).
  • Talk to **Jacob** for a reserch project to upgrade the ship's armor ( **Heavy Ship Armor** ).
  • You should also talk to **Garrus** to upgrade the Normandy's weapon systems ( **Thanix Cannon** ).

When you are ready to continue, fly to the nearest mass relay and travel to the Omega Nebula. Dock with the now active Omega 4 Relay to launch the suicide mission.

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