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Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition

Thane: Stop Kolyat or Not

Matt Chard

During the mission Thane: Sins of the Father, you will have to decide whether to stop Kolyat, Thane’s son, killing the politician, Talid.

Choice: Stop Kolyat or Not

During the mission Thane: Sins of the Father, Kolyat, a hitman is in the progress of assassinating Talid, who’s a politician. You’ll be tasked by Thane to inform him of Talid’s position at all times throughout the entire mission. Talid can be easily spotted by his Krogan bodyguard.

Stopping Kolyat

Although the mission itself can go many ways, as long as you keep Thane informed of Talid’s position. Eventually Kolyat will end up at Talid’s apartment, where Kolyat will be in the process of ending Talid’s life. You’ll chase him back to the apartment where you’ll have another important choice to make. At first, you’ll get a Paragon prompt which will disarm him, or failing that, you can wound Kolyat or kill Talid.

Either way, Thane will become loyal to you at the end of it, and this’ll help you in the Suicide Mission at the end of the game. Furthermore, in the event of stopping Kolyat, he will appear in some unique scenes as well as become a romance for female Shepard’s in Mass Effect 3.

Not stopping Kolyat

If at any point lose track of Talid, or choose not to inform Thane about it, Kolyat will assassinate the politician, and escape. You’ll agree with Thane that going to his apartment is in your best interest, and wait him out. Before you arrive, Kolyat is already there, and kills Talid, then escapes in a shuttle before you can react. Although the mission itself won’t fail, Thane will be disloyal to you, which could result in his, or others deaths in the Suicide Mission at the end of the game. In the event of Kolyat escaping, he won’t appear in Mass Effect 3.

Choice: Kolyat’s Fate

At the end of Thane’s loyalty mission, you’ll have the choice of charming Bailey to let Kolyat work at C-Sec, this will reward you with 5 Paragon points. Alternatively, you can intimidate Bailey to give him community service, this rewards you with 5 Renegade points. Finally, if you choose to be neutral, he’ll go to prison. None of these choices will change the outcome of Thane’s loyalty towards you.

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