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Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition

N7: Archaeological Dig Site

Nathan Garvin

You can start this assignment by traveling to the Enoch system in the Rosetta Nebula cluster, wherein you’ll find the planet Joab. Scan for an anomaly and when you find it, land to start this assignment. There are numerous Blue Sun mercenaries on the planet, so bringing characters/weapons that can disrupt shields will serve you well.

The assignment “N7: Archeological Dig Site” can be found on Joab.

Your arrival doesn’t go unnoticed, and as you advance your presence will be contested by several squads of Blue Suns mercenaries, who will emerge from the compound. Fortunately there’s plenty of cover, so hunker down and take them out - their tight grouping makes AoE attacks incredibly effective.

When the Blue Suns mercenaries stop hurling themselves in front of your bullets, search to the left to find a box of Refined Element Zero (+175 Element Zero) atop some other, less interesting crates, and another box of Refined Element Zero (+125 Element Zero) further on, on the ground near some crates between two vehicles.

(1 of 3) You’ll need to fight through squads of Blue Suns mercenaries to reach and advance through the dig site.

Enter the Blue Suns compound and you’ll be opposed by some more Blue Suns mercenaries. Initially it’s only a few troopers on the ground floor, but eventually some more troopers will emerge from a door across the chamber, and a third squad will appear up a ramp to the right. Gun them all down, then loot two Personal Lockers (+750 Credits) between some bunks and a Med Kit on a table. Once done, head up a ramp and enter a door to the left to find another Personal Locker (+2,250 Credits), then return to and continue up the ramp, take another left and head down a ramp to find a door leading deeper into the dig site.

In the large chamber beyond you’ll find a few troopers ahead and to the left, and more importantly, a Blue Suns Commander up a ramp to the right. Take the former out first, then focus your attention on the latter, stripping his shields and armor before putting him down, then occupy his position in anticipation of more troopers appearing below you. When the room is clear, head down a ramp to reach the far side of the room, loot a box of Refined Element Zero (+200 Element Zero) then search a crate along the wall opposite this Eezo box to find a PDA. If you read this PDA it’ll start the assignment N7: MSV Strontium Mule, but even if you don’t, the assignment will still be available, you just won’t be informed of it ahead of time.

Once you’ve read this PDA, go through a nearby door to find a Prothean Video Log. Scan it to finish this assignment.

Mission Completion Rewards
Experience Gained: 125 (156)
Credits: 3,750 + 3,750
Element Zero: 500
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