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Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition

Best Legion Builds

Matt Chard

This page will show you some of the best builds for your squad mate Legion in Mass Effect 2. Here, you’ll find details on the best abilities to pick, and the best weapons to equip.

Legion Overview

Legion, who got it’s name from the Normandy SR-2’s AI, EDI, is formed from the gestalt consciousness of 1,183 networked entities known as the geth. He inhabits a robot body designed to operate outside the geth space to interact diplomatically with other species. He is capable of independent thoughts, and can demonstrate emotional attachment.

When do you get Legion

Legion becomes available later in the game after the Mission Collector Ship.

Geth Assassin Sniper Build

This build revolves around maxing out Legion’s Geth Infiltrator passive skill line, to give him as much Weapon Damage as possible for his Sniper whilst also maxing out Combat Drone and turning it into an area of effect Explosion Drone via its evolution. Finally, we max our AI Hacking which is useful against synthetic enemies, which can be used as distractions, as you line up your shot.

Power Evolution Squad Points
AI Hacking Improved AI Hacking 10
Combat Drone Explosive Drone 10
Geth Shield Boost
Geth Infiltrator Geth Assassin 10


This section will go into more detail on why the Powers are chosen for this particular build.

Combat Drone

Combat Drone is a unique Tech power. At max rank, it’ll distract any enemy from attacking you for as long as it’s still on the field. We chose the Explosive Drone evolution to increase Legion damage potential, as it will travel to your targeted enemies, and explode dealing significant damage to all enemies near it.

AI Hacking

AI Hacking is especially good against synthetic enemies, allowing you to control them, and use them as distractions for the other enemies, giving you time to take your shot. We chose the Improved AI hacking evolution, so you’ll get increased duration with the hack.

Geth Infiltrator

Geth Infiltrator is Legion’s passive skill line which’ll increase his Health, Weapon Damage, and Power Recharge Time. This will increase all damage across the board for him whilst giving him a little more survivability, By taking the Assassin evolution, you’ll get an extra bit of Weapon Damage.

Geth Shield Boost

Legions loyalty Power is pretty decent, it will increase your shield strength up to a possible 100% for 60 seconds. If you take the Improved evolution, you’ll get 75% shield strength, but you’ll gain an extra 10% Weapon Damage. If your Legion is dying a lot, you could take this Power over AI Hacking.

Best Weapons

This section will talk about what weapons are best for this particular build. This build relies on having the strongest Sniper possible to allow for one shot kills.

Sniper Rifle

Weapon Base Damage Accuracy Recoil Fire Mode Fire Rate Clip Size
M-98 Widow 368.3 High High Single Shot Low 1

The M-98 Widow is only obtainable during the Mission Collector Ship, within the Mission, you’ll get the choice to get Advanced Weapon Training, this can reward you with this special weapon.

The M-98 Widow is the strongest weapon in the game, capable of dealing disgusting amounts of damage in a single shot. Legion is the only squad mate who can use this weapon.

Assault Rifle

Weapon Base Damage Accuracy Recoil Fire Mode Fire Rate Clip Size
Geth Pulse Rifle 10.8 Moderate Low Automatic 1000 RPM (Variable) 40

The Geth Pulse Rifle can only be acquired on Hardcore or Insanity difficulty setting during Tali’s recruitment mission Dossier: Tali. The difficulty level must be adjusted before the start of the mission. The rifle can be found in the same room Tali is in, after destroying the Geth Colossus.

Although you should be using a Sniper for this build, taking an Assault Rifle as a backup plan is fine, and the Geth Pulse Rifle is great for tearing through shields and barriers.

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