Notable Items in This Area
Weapon: M-27 Scimitar Assault Shotgun
Upgrade - Research Project: Biotic Damage

After picking up the dossier, go to the galaxy map and fly to Ilium. After you land, look at your map and head to the Officer Dara marker on the map.

Talk to Officer Dara in the tracking office in the southern-most part of Illium. She will tell you where to find your next recruit. Check out the map again and head over to the taxi stand nearby to the south. Travel to the Commercial Space port to start the mission.

After arriving and watching the short scene, move over and talk to the Volus named Pitne For; he will tell you to go see Detective Anaya. Enter the nearby police station and talk to Anaya. Following the conversation, exit the station and turn left. Make your way over to the glowing blue police tape marking the entrance to the crime scene.

After speaking to the detective (left), continue through the blue police line (right).

Enter the back alley. Head forward to the end of the alley and down the stairs to salvage some circuit boards , then head up the nearby stairs. Turn right and immediately take cover – there is a large squad of Asari Eclipse mercenaries backed up by a few LOKI mechs ahead. Kill them all off and then head through the door blocked by police tape on the left to meet Samara.

You will now need to find out the information Samara is after and will regain control back in the area outside of the police station. Chat with Pitne For (during this conversation you can perform a Renegade action).

Speak with the Volus Pitne For (left) and use the key he gives you to unlock the nearby elevator (right).

After the conversation you will be given a key to enter the Eclipse base. Use the now active elevator nearby. As you reach the bottom, kill the LOKI mech waiting there to ambush you. Exit and head through the door on the left.

There are a number of Eclipse Vanguards and LOKI mechs in here. In addition there is a toxic chemical in the air that will damage you if you stay in it for too long. Enter the room, and stay clear of the red clouds of toxins. You can use the bar at the bottom of the screen to determine the level of danger. If it is full, you should move ASAP. Kill the enemies that enter the room through the door at the rear of the area, before entering it yourself.

Open the door across the room from where you entered and chat with the Asari mercenary here. You can perform a Renegade action during the conversation or let her go for +5 morality points either way. When she is gone, salvage the thermal clips and use the console nearby for a Research Project (Biotic Damage) . Exit the room and ascend the stairs to the right and open the door at the top.

Turn left and eliminate the mercenaries and the mech in front of you before exiting into a open area. Fight your way through the Initiates and Vanguards to your right. As you head inside the next door another group of mercenaries will attack. Kill them and continue to the end of the hallway here to find a Med Station and a hackable Eclipse terminal . Return to where the previous enemies entered from and climb the stairs here. At the top, turn right and take cover. Eliminate the hostiles in front and stay in cover as there are a pair of heavy troops near the far wall who will fire rockets your way frequently. Kill them and then work your way over to their location and into the door on the left. There is another medical station here and another Eclipse terminal you can interact with for credits. Climb the stairs in front.

At the top, take cover behind the wall to the right and eliminate the two Vanguards at the end of the hallway in front of you. Move to their position and slowly make your way into the next room. Climb the stairs on the left side of the room and use the elevated position to take out the various baddies scattered about the room.

Clear the entrance to the production room (left) and use the stairs on the left for a vantage point overlooking the area (right).

Enter the room in the back right corner.

Pillage the room for thermal clips, and a Med Kit, and then check the datalog on the computer nearby to find out who was responsible for the murder. Finally check out the table just to the right inside the door for a new weapon (M-27 Scimitar Assault Shotgun). Continue through the hallways until you reach another open area.

As you exit, kill the LOKI mechs in front and move to the far end to salvage the box of thermal clips. Turn to the left and you will see another similar platform a little way ahead separated by a small bridge. As you are about halfway across this bridge, a gunship will appear. It has a chain gun and a rocket launcher which it will use to attack you and will occasionally fly between the two platforms either side of the bridge. Take cover on the side you entered from and shoot at it until it flies over to your location. When it settles over your position, retreat into the previous hallway and take cover, popping out to shoot it when it is safe to do so.

Lure the gunship over to the near side (left) and you can then attack it safely from the entry point (right).

Watch out during the fight as occasionally a FENRIS Mech or two will come to find you whilst you are focused on the vehicle. When the gunship blows up, cruise across the bridge, pick up the Med Kit on the right wall and then bypass the door nearby.

Inside the room use the consoles on the left for a side-quest (Illium: The Justicar - Smuggling Evidence), then open the other console for credits . Continue through the doorway and talk to the Volus Niftu Cal here. He will tell you the leader of the Eclipse sisters Wasea is in the next room. ( Note : you can perform a Paragon action during this conversation or let him go and confront the leader for +7 morality points either way).

When you are ready, enter the next door to fight Wasea. Wasea is a biotic and has armor and a shield. You will need to take these down before you can really sink the boot in. She will throw crates of the toxin at you, so be sure to avoid it where possible and change cover often to stay safe.

As the fight drags on, she will summon a good number of Eclipse Initiates to attack. Stay behind cover close to the entrance and fight her off until she retreats up the stairs at the back of the room. At this point clean up the Initiates in the immediate area, and then slowly work your way forward between cover and use her desk as cover to kill her at the top of the stairs. When she falls, clean up the rest of the baddies and hack the Eclipse console near the desk. Once done, pick Wasea’s datapad up off the table to return to the Space Port.

Before entering the police station, you can talk to Pitne For and give him the smuggling evidence you found in the Eclipse base for some Renegade points and a small sum of money, or alternatively you can hold onto it for some Paragon points in a moment.

Enter the police station and talk to Samara to complete the mission. Before returning to the Normandy though, talk to Detective Anaya and give her the evidence about the murder and if you did not give the smuggling evidence to Pitne For outside, you can give it to Anaya now for some Paragon points and a small sum of credits. Return to the Normandy to complete the mission.

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