This side-mission can be found by entering the Normandy’s galaxy map and having the ship travel to the following location:

Pylos Nebula > Dirada > Canalus.

Scan the planet and locate the anomoly to begin the mission.

Note that for this mission you will be travelling through very low visibility. From the start, look in front of the shuttle to the left to find a flare revealing a path up the hill here; after picking up the three nodes of Palladium up here, return to the shuttle. This time, head straight forward and away from the shuttle into an open area. Look behind the stone column to the right for another Palladium node. Turn around and make your way towards the glowing blue object in the distance.

Try to hug the left side of the area as much as possible as there are multiple pieces of cover here and when you are about a third of the way across the area, Geth will start to shoot at you through the fog. You will be unable to see them, but if your reticule goes over them, the target indicator will appear. Killing as you go, work your way between cover until you reach the base of a hill. At this point, a pair of Geth Hunters will come down the hill to confront you. Kill them and continue moving from cover to cover until you reach the top of the path.

Keep an eye out for Palladium deposits (left). The fog will also make things difficult during combat (right).

Eliminate any remaining hostiles here, and then move down into the valley below towards the weather device. As before, move from cover to cover and destroy any Geth that get in your way. As you move down the hill towards the device, you will walk past five Palladium deposits, so pick them up as you pass. When you start moving up a hill again, take cover and eliminate the enemies as they come down the hill. Work your way to the base of the Geth tower and destroy all the synthetics in the area. Check out the deposit of Palladium in front of the tower.

Use the Geth terminal at the base of the Geth structure to end the mission.

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