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Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition

Best Thane Builds

Matt Chard

This page will show you some of the best builds for your squad mate Thane Krios in Mass Effect 2. Here, you’ll find details on the best abilities to pick, and the best weapons to equip.

Thane Krios

Thane Krios is a Drell assassin who likes to get up close and personal on his targets, although he is trained in Biotics, Firearms, and hand-to-hand combat. Although is profession requires him to kill people, he is a deeply spiritual being who often prays for success during his missions, whilst also praying for forgiveness after his mission has been carried out.

When do you get Thane

Thane becomes available during the middle part of the game once you complete the Mission Dossier: The Assassin.

Warp Sniper Build

This build revolves around maxing out Thane’s Warp and Throw with their area evolutions to hit as many enemies as possible. We then max out his passive skill line Drell Assassin with the Marksman variant as we are using a Sniper, and the extra Weapon Damage will help. Shredder Ammo isn’t taken as it isn’t particularly good, and requires too much messing about to get it to work properly. It’s best to partner Thane up with other Biotic users (including yourself) because he can detonate combos with his Warp and Throw.

Power Evolution Squad Points
Warp Unstable Warp 10
Throw Throw Field 10
Shredder Ammo
Drell Assassin Drell Marksman 10


This section will go into more detail on why the Powers are chosen for this particular build.


What Overload is to shields, Warp is to armor. Warp will do extra damage to armor, making it one of the best ways to deal with armor in the game. We choose the Unstable Warp evolution, so it can hit more enemies.


Throw is great at manipulating enemies who are in the air, and at times, outright kill them if they’re thrown off a ledge. Throw is taken as an alternative to Warp to detonate combos, and is best used after a Pull or Singularity for maximum impact. We take the Throw Field evolution, so we can hit multiple enemies.

Drell Assassin

Drell Assassin is Thane’s passive skill line which’ll increase his Health, and Weapon Damage. We take the Drell Marksman evolution to further increase his Weapon Damage which is great for a Sniper.

Shredder Ammo

Thane’s unique loyalty Power leaves a lot to be desired, on paper, it’s great, and it also has the highest damage potenial when compared to the other Ammo Powers, but…the enemies have to be organic and have no protections on them to make it worthwhile. This can still be good if you use it with the M-12 Locust SMG or against certain enemies’ like the Vorcha, Krogan or Varren.

Best Weapons

This section will talk about what weapons are best for this particular build. This build relies on having the strongest Sniper possible to allow Thane maximum damage output.

Sniper Rifle

Weapon Base Damage Accuracy Recoil Fire Mode Fire Rate Clip Size
M-29 Incisor 53.6 High Moderate 3-Round Burst 600 RPM (Per Burst) 15

The M-29 Incisor originally a DLC weapon in the base game can be purchased in the Citadel in the Legendary Edition.

Although it isn’t the best Sniper in the game, it works better for squad mates due to the way they use their weapons in the game. The best Sniper stat wise is the M-98 Widow, and is definitely worth thinking about, but for Thane, the Incisor seems to do more DPS.

Assault Rifle

Weapon Base Damage Accuracy Recoil Fire Mode Fire Rate Clip Size
M-96 Mattock 50.4 High Low Semi-Automatic 750 RPM 16


Weapon Base Damage Accuracy Recoil Fire Mode Fire Rate Clip Size
M-15 Vindicator 36.8 High Low 3-Round Burst-Fire 900 RPM (Per Burst) 24

Although you’ll mainly be using the Sniper with Thane, it’s always nice to have a backup plan in the form of an Assault Rifle, and the M-96 Mattock is the choice for that due to its high damage, and Sniper like tendencies. The Vindicator is another solid Assault Rifle if you don’t want to use the Mattock. You can purchase the Mattock in Omega.

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