Notable Items in This Area
Upgrade - Research Project: Heavy Weapon Ammo
Upgrade - Research Project: Krogan Vitality

After speaking with Mordin and offering to help him with his request, you will obtain the location of the side mission. Enter your galaxy map and travel to Tuchanka . After disembarking, look at the map. Make your way to the Chief Scout’s location. Talk with him and choose the conversation option about a Salarian and he will tell you one of his men is missing too (side quest). He will also give you loan of a truck to take out of the base to start the mission.

After exiting the vehicle, enter the door and make your way round the corner to the left. Kill the pair of Klixen that come at you and continue through the passage on the left. In the next area another Klixen will attack and be backed up by a pair of Varren. Kill them and continue to the next section. As you do you will be attacked by a pair of rocket launcher-toting Krogan Blood Pack mercenaries. Take cover and eliminate them before heading through the passage they were defending.

Kill the Klixen (left) and the Blood Pack troops (right) to continue.

Climb up the incline to the left and take cover at the top. Kill the enemies immediately in front of you and continue along the road here using the scattered obstacles as cover. You will encounter several Krogan warriors, some Vorcha and a group of Varren on your passage across. At the end you will need to climb down to the left but before you do, continue to the end of the road to find a canister of Refined Iridium . Backtrack and head down the ramp. Kill the pair of Vorcha that approach.

Take cover and kill another pair of Vorcha Flamethrowers who will venture round the corner a little further up the road. Continue up the passage here and turn left into an open courtyard area. Take cover and eliminate the 5-6 Vorcha here guarding the next door. Once they are all dead or dying, look for a useable object to the right of the door. Pick up the combustion manifold from this (there is a quest for this object back in the main area) . Bypass the door security and head inside.

Clear out the entrance to the base here (left) and grab the side-quest item from the flipped vehicle nearby (right).

Descend the stairs and examine the body here. After a quick chat, continue down a second set of stairs. Look to the right for a canister of Refined Iridium and then continue to the left and open the door. After a short conversation (there is a Renegade moment here) a group of Krogan on the balcony in front and above you will attack. Try to stay where you entered the room, and fight off the enemies in front. Occasionally check off to the right as the occasional Vorcha or Krogan will come down the ramp there in an attempt to flank you. Once the room is clear, look to the left of the ramp on the right of the room and pick up the Refined Iridium here before continuing up the stairs and through the door at the top.

As you enter the next room, head straight ahead to salvage some Circuit Boards . Cruise into the next room on the right for a canister of Refined Iridium and a usable computer console. Enter the room to the left, examine the dead Krogan and hack the nearby console for Research Project (Krogan Vitality).

Exit into the next hallway and enter the door to the right. Hack the datapad on the floor here and talk to the sick Krogan as well – this is the Chief Scout’s missing soldier. Chat with him and either let him stay or talk him into going back to the Urdnot camp for +11 Paragon/Renegade points depending on your choice. Exit down the hall and open the door to the left.

Be sure to loot everything in the lab on the way through (left) and talk to the Sick Krogan to complete a side-quest (right).

Kill the pair of Vorcha on the balcony opposite and the 3-4 Krogan warriors who will come to their aid from the right. Continue to the left to salvage some Circuit Boards , then head across the catwalk to the balcony on the opposite side of the room that is now free of enemies. Move along the passage here and as you approach the stairwell leading down, you will be attacked by a group of three Varren and a Krogan warrior. Drop them, then pick up the box of Power Cells at the top of the stairs and descend to the next level.

The Chief will appear from this door with several other Krogans and Varren in tow.

Take cover and eliminate the two Krogans in front. As these two fall, a door on the opposite balcony will open and three Krogans, a couple of Varren and Chief Weyrloc Guld will emerge. Focus on the enemies that move in on your position first before focusing on the bad guys at range. Once they are all dead continue along the balcony and look in the room to the right to find a bypassable crate .

Enter the door the last wave of enemies entered from and descend the stairs here. Hack the terminal at the foot of the stairs for Research Project (Heavy Weapon Ammo). Open the door to the left. Inside you can talk to Maelon to complete the mission.

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