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Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition

Best Soldier Builds

Matt Chard

This page will show you some of the best Soldier builds in Mass Effect 2. Here, you’ll find details on the best abilities to pick, the best weapons to equip, including what heavy weapon to choose. Also, you’ll find what armor works best for the build.

Soldier Overview

The Soldier is the premier combatant in Mass Effect 2, having access to all types of weapons other than SMG, giving them a lot of flexibility. The one thing they have that no other class does is the Adrenaline Rush Power, this allows you to slow down time, and it can also boost your damage whilst cutting the damage you receive in half, this lasts for 5 seconds. On top of all that, Soldiers have the highest health over the other classes. Having all this makes them equipped to handle any situation the game throws at you.

Adrenaline Rush Build

This build revolves around getting the most out of the Soldiers unique power, Adrenaline Rush. This’ll allow for a more aggressive play style, slowing down the enemies whilst boosting your own damage output at the same time.

Power Evolution Squad Points
Adrenaline Rush Hardened 10
Concussive Shot Concussive Blast 10
Incendiary Ammo Inferno Ammo 10
Combat Mastery Commando 10
Bonus Power: Reave Heavy Reave 10


This section will go into more detail on why the Powers are chosen for this particular build.

Adrenaline Rush

Adrenaline Rush will increase all damage output by 100%, reduce the damage you take by 50%, and slow down time around you for 5 seconds. To use this power efficiently, you’ll want to take the enemies shields/armor/barriers down first using your party members powers, then either pop out of cover, activating Adrenaline Rush, hitting the enemies with your Assault Rifle, or when you activate the power, rush the enemy with a shotgun. We choose the Hardened variant of the Evolved power to make you harder to take down due to 50% reduction to the damage you take, if you’re primarily using a shotgun, Heightened Adrenaline Rush Rush might be better.

Concussive Shot

Concussive Shot fires a high-impact shot that can stun and/or knockdown enemies who have no shields. Also, it is useful for shredding enemies Barriers. This Power is taken in the build to give your Soldier a bit of crowd control, or you can use it to take out enemies who charge at you, like Krogans. We choose the Concussive Blast Evolved variant for its ability to hit multiple targets. The Heavy variant will do more damage.

Incendiary Ammo

Incendiary Ammo will cause your equipped weapon to cause fire damage, this is especially useful again armored enemies. It also has the chance to panic enemies when they’re being burned, although this only happens on unprotected sentient enemies. We choose the Inferno Ammo Evolved variant as this spreads the effect to multiple enemies, having this and a squadmate with Area Overload is extremely potent.

Combat Mastery

We max our Combat Mastery to get all those Health, and Weapon Damage passives which will increase your offensive and defensive output, but more notably, it increases your sprint speed up to 50%, which makes it easier to close the distance on ranged enemies. We choose the Commando variant of the Evolved Power as it increases your weapon damage and speed at the cost of a little health.

Bonus Power

Bonus Powers are granted to you when you complete a companions’ loyalty mission, once you have the Power unlocked, head to Mordins tech lab on Deck 2 of the Normandy, and learn it from the Advanced Training Research Upgrade. You can only have one of these Powers equipped at any given time. We chose the Reave Power from Samara because it’s, in general, a great power. This will double the damage to armor and barriers, and it will restore some health if it’s used against organic enemies as well as giving you bonus health on top.


This section will talk about what weapons are best for this particular build.

Assault Rifle

Weapon Base Damage Accuracy Recoil Fire Mode Fire Rate Clip Size
M-76 Revenant 21.3 Low Moderate Automatic 700 RPM 80

The M-76 Revenant is only available to Shepard as a Soldier class, and can only be during Advanced Weapon Training on the Collector Ship.

What makes the M-76 Revenant so effective, is that it has the largest clip size in the entire game holding 80 bullets per clip, on top of that, it has a decent fire rate, and good base damage sitting at 21.3. The only negative is its vertical recoil, which is offset by Adrenaline Rush and/or equipping the Assault Rifle Accuracy (Targeting VI) upgrade for it.


Weapon Base Damage Accuracy Recoil Fire Mode Fire Rate Clip Size
M-96 Mattock 50.4 High Low Semi-Automatic 750 RPM 16

The M-96 Mattock was originally a DLC weapon, but with the Legendary Edition, it can be obtained from Kenn’s Salvage on Omega.

What makes the M-96 Mattock so effective, is that its base damage is huge, sitting at 50.4, and it’s extremely accurate. The negatives of it, is it’s semi-automatic holding 16 bullets per clip.


Weapon Base Damage Accuracy Recoil Fire Mode Fire Rate Clip Size
M-300 Claymore 400.8 Low High Single Shot 1

The M-300 Claymore is only available to Shepard as a Soldier or Vanguard class, and can only be obtained during Advanced Weapon Training on the Collector Ship.

What makes the M-300 Claymore so strong, is that its base damage is sitting at 400 (50 per pellet), making it one of the hardest hitting weapons in the game, if you choose this weapon, or any shotgun for that matter as your primary weapon, use the Heightened variant of Adrenaline Rush as that is better suited for lower rate of fire weapons.


Weapon Base Damage Accuracy Recoil Fire Mode Fire Rate Clip Size
M-22 Eviscerator 294 (36 per pellet) Low Moderate Semi -Automatic 48 RPM 3

The M-22 Eviscerator was originally added with Cerberus Weapon and Armor pack DLC, but in the Legendary Edition, you can research it at the upgrade terminal, as soon as you have Mordin on the Normandy.

The M-22 Eviscerator is a semi-auto shotgun, that does extra damage to armored enemies, something a lot of other shotguns don’t do. This weapon is great in close quarters, or to take out a charging Krogan. If you choose this weapon, or any shotgun for that matter as your primary weapon, use the Heightened variant of Adrenaline Rush as that is better suited for lower rate of fire weapons.

Advanced Weapon Training

During the Mission Collector Ship, you’ll get the choice to get Advanced Weapon Training, this will allow you to pick another weapon type to add to your arsenal, that your class wouldn’t normally be allowed to use.

Due to the nature of the Soldier Class having access to most weapon types, there’s no need to unlock the only type you don’t have, the SMG. Alternatively, you can choose one of the other weapon types you already have, and you’ll be rewarded with a special weapon of that type. For this build, we suggest choosing Assault Rifle to get one of the best Assault Rifles in the game, the M-76 Revenant. Alternatively, the M-300 Claymore is a fantastic shotgun, and is worth choosing instead if you’re playing more aggresively.

Heavy Weapon

Weapon Base Damage Accuracy Recoil Fire Mode Fire Rate Clip Size
Collector Particle Beam 20 None Moderate Automatic 1200 RPM N/A

The Collector Particle Beam can be obtained during the Mission Priority: Horizon, where you first find the frozen colonists, by a stasis pod, there’s also another two in the same Mission, if you missed the first one, failing that, you’ll get it after the mission as a reward.

The reason the Collector Particle Beam is taken, is to help with you take down enemies Barriers, this thing will shred throught them, allowing you to take them out quicker with your arsenal.

Best Armor

Armor Location Stats
Kestrel Armor Serrice Technology, Illium 30% Melee Damage, 5% Headshot Damage, 11% Weapon Damage, 25% Shield Strength, 5% Spare Heavy Weapon Ammo Capacity

The Kestrel Armor, originally a DLC, is a great all-rounder set, which makes it great for this build. It boosts your offensive output whilst also helping you defensively due to its 25% Shield Strength.

Best Squadmates

For this build to shine, bring companions who can rip the enemies protections off them, this’ll allow you more time charging around the battlefield with Adrenaline Rush, and laying down the hurt. Garrus and Miranda fit great here due to both of them having access to Overload, furthermore, Garrus has access to Concussive Shot which works great against Barriers whilst Miranda has access to Warp which is great against Armor. The DLC characters Kasumi and Zaeed can also work, as Kasumi has Overload and Zaaed has access to Disruptor Ammo

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