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Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition

How To Start Tali Romance

Shane Williams

This page contains all the information you need on how to begin, and keep, a romance with Tali’Zorah.

Speak with Tali on the 4th floor of the Normandy to begin the romance.

Tali is one of three potential romances you can do as a male Shepard. Firstly, you’ll need to recruit her to your squad by completing the main mission, Dossier: The Quarian. Continue speaking with Tali throughout the game after every major mission and eventually she’ll say “it’s hot in here”. You’ll now want to say “ I’m interested“. to begin the romance.

When you next speak with Tali, say “I want to talk about you” and then you’ll go down to the engine room for a private chat about your previous conversation. Here you’ll want to pick the following dialogue choices, “No, you weren’t” followed by “I want to be with you”.

Complication with Legion

Once you’ve completed both Legion’s Loyalty mission, A House Divided and Tali’s Loyalty mission, Treason, the next time you return to the Normandy you’ll find them going head to head. Here you can either stop the argument by hitting [L2 or LT/R2 or RT] if your Paragon or Renegade is high enough. If not then say “Legion, stop transmitting” to keep your romance with Tali.

Romance Summary

To recap:

  1. Recruit Tali by completing the mission, Dossier: The Quarian.
  2. Complete Loyalty mission, Treason
  3. Continue speaking to Tali until you open up about her feelings.
  4. Complete Legion Loyalty mission, A House Divided
  5. Interrupt the Tali and Legion argument and side with Tali.

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