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Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition

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Matt Chard

Archangel: Datapad Recovered

This mission can be initiated by picking up a datapad in Garrus’s Recruitment mission - Dossier: Archangel (see the walkthrough page for the exact location).

To complete the task, you will need to turn in the datapad to Aria at the Afterlife nightclub after the Dossier: Archangel mission.

The Professor: Missing Assistant

This side-quest can be picked up, and completed during Mordin’s recruitment mission - Dossier: The Professor . During the mission, after meeting with Mordin, he’ll ask you to save his assistnat. Soon after the conversation, you’ll find him in a side-room being held by Batarians at gunpoint.

Either kill the Batarians or negotiate with them to secure the assistant’s release. This will complete the side-mission. You can follow the walkthrough page for the exact details.

Batarian Bartender

To begin this mission you’ll need to talk with Forvan , the bartender in the VIP section of Afterlife (go through the door beneath Aria’s lounge and follow the path to find it). Walk up to the bar and order a drink. After drinking it a scene will play.

After a brief conversation, you will discover that you have been poisoned. When you regain control, return to the bar to confront the bartender. After a brief conversation the mission will be over.

Packages for Ish

You’ll find a Salarian named Ish on Omega standing outside of the entrance to the Afterlife nightclub. He appears sometime after the Horizon campaign mission during the second recruitment phase of the game. Speak with him and he’ll ask you to pick up some items for him.

There are two datapads that he wishes for you to recover and they can be found:

  • On Illium in the Eternity nightclub. On the corner sofa directly opposite from the entrance.
  • On the Citadel, on a stack of crates outside of the Saronis Applications store.
  • Once you have them both, return to Omega. You can hand them into Aria’s henchman Anto for Paragon points or to Ish himself for some Renegade points. Either way you choose to go about it, handing them in will complete the mission.

Struggling Quarian

This is a short and simple mission that begins from Kenn’s Salvage shop on Omega. Speak with Kenn and he’ll give you a bit of a sob story about wanting to leave, but no one wants to buy his products as he can’t lower his prices because of another vendor nearby.

You can either offer to pay his way off Omega and give him 1,000 Credits, or can offer to negotiate with Harrot.

If you choose the latter option, after chatting with Kenn, head over and chat with Harrot at Harrot’s Emporium. Speak with him and convince him to allow Kenn to lower his prices. Once you have done so, return to Kenn and after a little more back and forth between the two, the mission will be completed.

The Patriarch

After completing the dossier missions on Omega (The Professor and Archangel), pay a visit to Afterlife. Grizz , one of Aria’s bodyguards will speak with you and ask you to get the Patriarch into hiding. The Patriarch is a cranky old Krogan who can be found in the VIP section of Afterlife (go through the door beneath Aria’s lounge and follow the path).

As you enter the VIP area, head around the bar to the left; there is a door in the left wall and another straight ahead. If you go through the left-hand door, you’ll find the Patriarch inside. Speak with him and either convince him to leave or tell him you’ll protect him. Afterwards you’ll need to go and hunt down some thugs.

As you leave the Patriarch’s room, turn left and go through the door immediately in front of you to initiate a scene with the thugs on the other side. Once the scene has played out, return to the Patriarch and speak to him again. Now that everything has been resolved, return to Grizz who will direct you to Aria. Speak with her to complete the side-task.

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