Notable Items in This Area
Upgrade - Research Project: SMG Damage
Upgrade - Research Project: Medi-Gel Capacity

After speaking with Miranda and offering to help her with her request, you will obtain the location of the side mission. Enter your galaxy map and travel to Illium . Once you arrive, look at your map. Make your way to the Eternity Bar marker. Inside, find your way into the small room on the left-hand side and talk to the NPC here named Lanteia. After a quick conversation, and a short scene, the mission will begin.

After the scene you will find yourself in combat. Kill the Eclipse Troopers and Engineers before taking out the Heavy soldiers at the back with the rocket launchers. Proceed forward and take a right at the first corner; kill the pair of Eclipse Troopers here and enter the door at the back of the area.

After the cutscene, exit from the door and look in the small building at the top of the stairs to the right for a hackable PDA , then continue out the back door and move up to the conveyor. There is a large contingent of Eclipse forces (around 5-6 Troopers plus an Engineer or two) on the opposite side of the conveyor. Make your way around the conveyor to the left or the right and eliminate the baddies here before continuing into the building in the backright corner from the entrance. Inside pick up the Med Kit and check out the SMG on the table for a new Research Project (SMG Damage) . Exit through the left door.

Work your way through the shipping areas (left). Get used to the conveyors, you’ll be fighting through three of them! (right)

Follow the passage up and around the corner. Take cover and kill the LOKI Mechs inhabiting the next large room. Check out the locker to the left for some credits, and then continue onwards. This room is another conveyor area. Make your way to the left-hand side of the conveyor, take cover and kill the Engineers and Troopers that assault your position. There are a good number of explosive canisters about this area, so you can utilise these to do some additional damage. Once you have eliminated the immediate threat, cruise around the other side of the conveyor and turn right. Inspect the dead merc for a Research Project (Medi-Gel Capacity) and head into the building at the end to find a Secure Terminal .

Exit the building and turn right; follow the wall to the end and turn the corner to the left. Follow the narrow alleyway round until you encounter some more troops (LOKIs and Eclipse Troopers). Take cover and eliminate them before entering a third conveyor room.

Run up to the conveyor and take cover on its right-hand side. As in previous rooms, the Eclipse forces will stay on the opposite side of the conveyor and shoot at you. Kill as many as you can from here, then follow the conveyor to the left. Take cover next to the ramp leading across to the other side and finish off any remaining resistance. Use the ramp to reach the other side and head into the building on the far right for a hackable PDA. Next, check the building just to the right of the ramp which has a canister of Refined Eezo . Continue to the left of the ramp to find a Secure Terminal on the wall.

Enter the next area and you will learn that the Eclipse goons have disabled the elevators. On the left side of the area a number of Eclipse Troopers will enter through a door; they will be backed up by an Engineer and a Heavy mercenary. Killing these guys will trigger additional reinforcements to appear from the same area in the form of extra Troopers and a Vanguard. After the Eclipse forces have stopped coming, check out the back wall of the room for a box of Power Cells and grab the Med Kit next to the door before heading inside.

Following the scene you will enter a fight against Enyala. Enyala is the same as a standard Vanguard with an additional set of armor. She will summon 5-6 Eclipse Troopers, a pair of Commandos (shield + armor) and a couple of Vanguards. Move to the left side of the room and try to keep Enyala cornered here. Any further reinforcements will enter the room from the unlocked door behind this position so from here you will be able to keep an eye on both Enyala and her backup.

Once Enyala has been killed, mop up any remaining Eclipse mercenaries and head for the exit. Before using the door, check out the Secure Terminal on the wall next to the door for credits and pick up the trinket on the crate nearby for a side quest (Illium: The Prodigal - Lost Locket Found) . Use the door here and following the story scene, the mission will be complete.

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