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Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition

N7: Lost Operative

Nathan Garvin

me2_lost_operative_To start this assignment, travel to the Omega Nebula cluster, where you’ll find the planet Lorek in the Fathar system. Scan the planet and land - your squadmate selection isn’t super important here. There’s a good bit of combat, but you’ll face foes with shields, barriers and armor. It’s a bit of everything, but the enemies are relatively few - Miranda’s a great choice just because she can hit everything, but you’re not going to win or lose based on your squad selection.

The assignment “N7: Lost Operative” can be found while scanning Lorek.

From where you deploy, immediately turn around and search behind some crates near your shuttle to find 1,200 Platinum. Once done, head up a ramp and go through some doors to the right and immediately get in cover in the room beyond. You’ll immediately come under fire from some Eclipse Troopers, two to start, but another half-dozen will come from the opposite door, so be patient and pick them off from cover until you’re sure no more are coming. The worst you’ll face here are some Eclipse Vanguards, which have barriers, but early-game weapons like the Geth Plamsa Weapon will mow down foes here in short order.

(1 of 2) Get in cover, as numerous Eclipse mercenaries will pour from an open door opposite from where you entered.

Get in cover, as numerous Eclipse mercenaries will pour from an open door opposite from where you entered. (left), When the mercs are dead, hack a “Holding Cell Access” console to trigger the next wave. (right)

When the enemies stop charging to their demise, head upstairs opposite where you entered and go through the door beyond. Search this room for a Med Kit and a Wall Safe (3,750 Credits). Return outside and turn right to find a Security Console and a Holding Cell Access terminal. The former only yields some useless lore, but the latter must be bypassed to reach your destination. When you bypass the terminal, however, head down the ramp and take cover, as enemies will be coming from the two doors on the far side of the room.

Your foes here include more troopers and a Vanguard led by Morl. Morl in an engineer who can summon a drone, which can flush you out of cover. He’s also got shields and armor, and is by far the most dangerous foe in this area. Focus on him, as once he’s down you can pick off the remaining mercenaries at your leisure.

(1 of 2) The second wave of mercs are led by a salarian named Morl.

The second wave of mercs are led by a salarian named Morl. (left), Once you recover the intelligence the mercs extracted, you can choose to send it back to Cerberus, turn it over to the Alliance, or keep it for a later date. (right)

Defeat the enemies, then head up a ramp and ignore the door ahead of you. Instead, turn right and go through another doorway, descend a ramp, then search behind a fuel tank to score 800 Platinum. Return back outside and go through the last doorway (from whence Morl emerged), head down a hallway, then bypass a locked door to reach the interrogation room. Search a Computer Console and you’ll get three options: upload the date to the Alliance, upload the data to Cerberus, or keep it for yourself. This decision has no effect on your reward or any future events - the only thing that will change is the email you get afterwards.

Mission Completion Rewards
Experience Gained: 125 (156)
Credits: 3,750 + 3,750
Platinum: 2,000
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