This side-mission can be found by entering the Normandy’s galaxy map and having the ship travel to the following location:

Minos Wasteland > Fortis > Aequitas.

Scan the planet and locate the anomoly to begin the mission.

As you land, look behind the rock pillar on the right for a lootable container filled with credits. Enter the mine and when the hallway empties into the sideways passage, kill the Husks here and look to the right for a canister of Refined Iridium . Read the datapad on the table if you wish, before continuing into the mine.

When you see the second canister of Iridium on the floor in the passage in front of you, get ready, as a group of six or so Husks and an Abomination will notice you and attack. Fend them off and grab the iridium. Follow the tunnel until it exits into a medium size room with a stone ramp directly in front of you. As you walk in, another group of Husks and an Abomination will attempt to swarm you. Backtrack down the tunnel if required and keep firing until they are all eliminated.

Work your way through the mine (left) but watch out for the Abominations and Husks (right).

Look to the left of the stone ramp for more Refined Iridium and at the top of the ramp, look in the locker for some credits. Cruise into the tunnel beyond and look out for another canister of Iridium before continuing into another mid-size room. As you approach this one, a group of four Husks and an Abomination will appear, so destroy them and continue inside. Look at the mine log if you are interested and grab the nearby Med Kit.

Pick one of the two paths here (they both lead to the same area and both have a crate of Power Cells ) and make your way to the next large room. Defeating the Husk inhabitants seems like an impossible task as even after several minutes of solid destruction, they will continue to spawn.

To defeat them, you must run inside the ruined building here and find the alien artefact. On either side of this artefact you will see a bomb planted on the floor. Shoot both bombs to complete the mission.

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