Notable Items in This Area
Upgrade - Research Project: Damage Protection
Upgrade - Research Project: Tech Damage
Weapon: Choice between Revenant Machine Gun (Assault Rifle) / Claymore Heavy Shotgun (Shotgun) / M-98 Widow (Sniper Rifle)

Once you have completed all of your dossier assignments and have recruited enough members, using the galaxy map will alert you to a message indicating that the Illusive Man wants to discuss the next mission. As such, head to the communications centre and chat with the Illusive Man to begin.

After chatting with the Illusive Man, you will be automatically whisked away to the damaged Collector Ship. When you regain control of Shepard you will be on the inside of the monstrosity. Start off down the hallway and as you circle around to the right, look for an examinable pod. Continue until you reach the pile of dead bodies. Investigate this for a scene. Continue into the nearby corridor. Keep your eye on the right-hand wall and you will find some Collector Technology (examining this will give you a choice of three weapons) and a Med Kit. The best weapons are either the Widow sniper rifle or the Claymore shotgun. The Revenant is OK but does not offer nearly as much firepower as the other two weapons in the long run. Ultimately, it is a matter of personal preference and your class. In the next room examine the terminal for another scene. Afterwards pick up the box of Power Cells and the canister of Refined Eezo before continuing onward.

In the next room follow the ramps to the top. In front you will see some salvageable Collector Technology . Grab this and continue to the left. As you enter the next room examine the console in front of you for a new Research Project (Damage Protection) .

On your way into the ship be sure to grab a new weapon (left) and an armor upgrade (right) along the way.

Follow the ramp on the left to the top and take the path to the right and down the hill. At the bottom you will find a command console. Activate this for a scene.

Following the scene, you will be on a small floating platform with a limited amount of space with which to maneuver. Conveniently, the platform comes packing cover. As soon as the cutscene ends, you should be able to spot another pair of platforms identical to the one you are on flying towards you. Take cover. The closest platform will attach to yours and carry a pair of Drones and a Guardian. One of these will be taken over by Harbinger. The second platform will move from the left side to the right and back intermittently and is inhabited by a Scion. Be sure to stay in cover and move to new cover or the Scion’s shockwave attack will smash you pretty quickly. Try to take down the enemies closest to you as soon as possible, and then focus on the Scion.

As you are killing the Scion, another platform with Drones will come in on the left side and attack, and after you have killed the Scion another platform will appear with a second. This time, focus on destroying the Scion before eliminating the Collectors. Keep in mind that a fourth platform of Collectors will dock during this time complete with an Assassin, Harbinger and a Guardian or two. Once the Scion is down, methodically take care of the rest of the baddies. After the platforms have been cleared, check out the furthest one from the command console to find a box of Power Cells . Return to the platform you started on and re-activate the console for another scene.

Once the scene has concluded, descend from the platform and cruise up the tunnel; continue round the corner, picking up the Med Kit and entering the door EDI opens for you on the right. Salvage the Collector Technology from the tank on the left and continue into the room in front. As you enter, a group of four Drones will fly in from your right (one will become Harbinger). Take them out and then continue down the ramp in the back left corner of the room.

Following the ambush, return back to ground level and fight through the tunnels.

At the bottom of the ramp, quickly take cover as you will be attacked by a group of Collectors comprised of Guardians, Drones and Harbinger. More enemies will try to sneak in from the ramp on the left (notably a pair of Assassins toting the nasty Particle Beam weapon) and some additional Collectors will drop down from a higher ledge on the right. Once the room is clear head to the far side to find a box of Power Cells; check out the small passage behind the support here for a Med Kit and a canister of Refined Eezo.

Find the passage leading out of the room and drop down to the area below. Move inside and a Praetorian will appear. This enemy functions in pretty much the same way as it did on Horizon earlier in the game. As before it will float around relatively slowly firing off its laser beam attack and performing ground slams when in close proximity to your squad members. This time though, the Praetorian is not alone: a group of Husks will enter from the door at the back left of the room, followed by a group of Collector Drones. The trick here is to kite the Praetorian around the room whilst taking out the other enemies from cover. When the lesser baddies stop appearing, focus your full attention on the Praetorian and take it down.

Once the Praetorian is dead, pick up the box of Power Cells if you haven’t already and then exit through the door at the far end of the room.

In the next hallway turn right, salvage the Collector Technology on the left for some credits and check out the control terminal on the right for a new Research Project (Tech Damage) . Follow the hallway until it empties into a larger room. Run up and take cover. You will be ambushed by a group of Drones (one will become Harbinger) and an Assassin. On occasion an Abomination (exploding Husk) will run down to try and pop itself next to you so be absolutely certain to kill them before they get too close or it will be almost certain death.

Once the initial wave of enemies have been dealt with, move up to the next set of cover and destroy the Guardians and Drones (again one will become Harbinger) at the back of the area. Once you reach the tunnel at the far end, you will encounter a Scion and another group of Drones. Eliminate these guys and continue into the tunnel beyond.

Fight your way through the large group of Husks (left) and enter the shuttle to end the mission (right).

Follow the path until you encounter a large group of Husks. Fire at them and head back the way you came. Continue to eliminate them whilst retreating as there is a crowd of around 20-25 that you will have to kill and standing still in this situation is the fastest way to earn a forced trip back to the previous auto-save. Once the Husks stop coming, head down the ramp to the shuttle to complete the mission.

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