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Illium: A Troublemaker

Nathan Garvin

This assignment can be found in its entirety on Illium, which you can only access after completing the core mission on Horizon. Even then, this assignment will only be available if you kept Conrad Verner alive during the assignment The Fan during Mass Effect 1.

To start this assignment, head to the Eternity Bar on Illium, the stairs to which can be found past (east of) the Serrice Technology kiosk on the Trading Floor. As you approach the bar, an Asari will complain about some pestilential human causing trouble in the bar, starting the assignment. Whether you talk to said asari or not afterwards has no impact on the assignment whatsoever..

(1 of 2) Get reacquainted with Conrad, who is causing a stir in the Eternity Bar,

Get reacquainted with Conrad, who is causing a stir in the Eternity Bar, (left), and provided you don't run him off with mean words, he'll tell you who put him up to his latest stunt. (right)

Enter the bar and approach the… uh… bar, where you’ll find an old friend - Conrad Verner - accosting the bartender. Talk to Conrad and he’ll blame you for teaching him a lesson in what it takes to keep the galaxy safe the last time you met. One could argue, however, he didn’t learn the lesson he was supposed to. Chastise him, hit him, or shoot him, this choice surprisingly doesn’t matter and exhaust his dialogue options. Do not tell him “Get lost, Conrad. We’re done.” at any point and he’ll tell you why he’s here and who put him up to this farce. If you tell him to “get lost”, he’ll do so, completing the assignment, albeit without giving you an XP reward or a potential discount you could otherwise get, so this is not the ideal way of going about things.

(1 of 2) Confront the weapons dealer who sent Conrad on his crusade and pass a Paragon/Renegade check,

Confront the weapons dealer who sent Conrad on his crusade and pass a Paragon/Renegade check, (left), which will score you a discount at the Gateway Personal Defense kiosk. (right)

After gaining this information from Conrad, you need to make your way to the southern end of Illium, more specifically to the Gateway Personal Defense kiosk, where you’ll find a “Weapons Merchant” standing around. She’d otherwise be rather untalkative, but now that you’ve got an accusation to make, she’ll be somewhat more conversational. Tell her “Conrad Verner spoke with you.” and she’ll continue the ruse. Clearly she thinks all humans are as gullible as Conrad. Pass a Paragon check to either trick the shady asari into running off and incriminating herself, or a Renegade check, which intimidates her into ending the scam without hurting Conrad’s unearned ego. In either case you’ll earn a discount and will have to return to the Eternity Bar and talk to Conrad again. If you can’t pass either of these checks, you’ll still be able to complete the assignment, but you’ll forfeit the discount.

Return to Conrad and, you picked the Paragon option, you’ll see the weapons merchant get arrested when you return to the Eternity Bar. If not, not. Either way, talk to Conrad and if you pick the Paragon or neutral options while talking to the weapons dealer, you can pass another Paragon/Renegade check here, while if you picked the Renegade option while talking to the weapons dealer you’ll just have two plain text options. It doesn’t matter what you say here, Conrad will agree to stop playing Shepard and you’ll get 40 (50) XP.

40 (50) XP


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