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Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition

Legion: A House Divided

Nathan Garvin

Legion’s loyalty mission will start sometime after you recruit him, assuming, of course, you reactivate him after completing the mission Reaper IFF. Since your opportunity to recruit Legion occurs so late in the game, the time that must elapse before Legion’s loyalty mission begins is highly variable. If you beelined the main missions, and still have a lot of outstanding recruitment/loyalty missions, you may have to complete several of those before Legion’s loyalty mission triggers. Alternatively, if you completed every other mission before starting Reaper IFF - which we recommend, by the way - Legion’s loyalty mission may begin immediately after you activate the geth.

Whatever the timing or circumstances, eventually you’ll be directed to talk to Legion, who in turn will tell you about a scheme hatched by the geth “heretics” that’ll complicate matters with the geth. Simply put, if you don’t want the Reapers to gain an army (a larger army, anyways) of fanatical geth soldiers, you should probably help Legion out.

Travel to the Phoenix Massing system in the Sea of Storms cluster to find the Heretic Station. Legion has to accompany you, of course, but for your third squadmate, consider a character effective against synthetic enemies and secondarily, shields. Tali, Garrus and Miranda all make fine choices. Pick your squad and dock with the Heretic Station to begin the mission.

The Normandy approaches the Heretic Station.

Notable Items in This Area
Research Project: Geth Shield Strength

(1 of 4) The majority of this mission consists of you entering a room with data streams on the floor, which you must avoid alerting the geth.

When you regain control of Shepard, continue ahead and down the ramp, picking up the nearby Med Kit if you feel the need to do so. Enter the room at the bottom and look at the floor - avoid the green data streams here to avoid alerting the Geth in the room. Make your way to the door at the far end and look to the right of it. Take cover here and eliminate the Geth Troopers guarding the hub on the far wall. Once the Geth are down, destroy the hub and inspect it for some credits and have a quick chat with Legion. Enter the door.

Follow the corridor to the right and use the action button on the nearby Turret to activate it. Continue a little further onwards and a group of Geth will emerge from a room further down the hall and to the right. Once they are dead, enter the hallway here and follow it until you see more of those green data streams on the ground.

As before, avoid touching the green streams and make your way around the corner to the left. From here you will notice two groups of Geth gathered around hubs. Take cover in the corner behind the boxes. Once you attack one group, the other will become active as well and will immediately attack, so it is important to keep an eye on both groups and try to take them down as quickly as possible without remaining exposed for an extended period of time. Once the Geth are dead, destroy both of the hubs and loot them for credits . Continue through the now unlocked door.

As you turn into the next corridor, you will be attacked by a pair of Geth Troopers. Eliminate them and head to the far end of the hallway to acquire a Med Kit if you need it, then head up the nearby ramp. At the top, exit into the hallway and destroy another pair of Geth Troopers here. Enter the door at the far end.

Inside you will find a large room populated by crates, a pair of hackable rocket Turrets and a squad of Geth Troopers and Hunters. Try to activate the Turret closest to you ASAP for some fire support and stay in cover as you work your way to the right. Once there, activate the second Turret and then finish off any remaining resistance.

Exit through the door opposite the entryway. At the far end of the hall there is a box of Power Cells and a Med Kit. Enter the door and descend the ramp until it empties into a hallway. Turn right first and cruise to the end to pick up a canister of Refined Palladium . Then do a 180 and head down the hallway and through the door at the opposite end.

Upon entering the room, a group of Geth will open fire on you. Take cover behind the nearby crates and take them out. When it is safe to do so, look behind you to find a Geth terminal; bypass this for a new Research Project (Geth Shield Strength). Leave the room through the door next to where you came in. Descend the ramp and enter the door at the very bottom.

Another room with data streams! You should know what to do by now; sneak around the green patches on the floor and down the ramp until you reach the leveled out area. There are two hubs here and they are located in small alcoves either side of the ramp you just descended; this time both of them are guarded by Geth Hunters. Move to the back left corner of the room for the best cover and a view of one of the hubs. As before, when you attack the first group, the second group will also be alerted. So stay in cover and try not to let either group get too close before you put them down. Once they are dead, destroy and loot each hub. Open the door and examine the window to the right for a chat with Legion. Afterwards, continue through the door.

(1 of 4) You’ll need to fend off several waves of geth, and fortunately you’ve got a good vantage point from which to do so.

This room is the final area for the mission and is a bit of a challenge. You start on a balcony overlooking a second larger room below. Above this are several Turrets you can use in the coming fight. When you activate the Geth terminal overlooking the balcony enemies will respond to the alarm. They will work their way through the maze of crates in the room below and up the ramps on either side of the terminal. When you see a few coming, hack one of the Turrets below, then fall back further into the balcony area and defend the area at the top of the ramps.

You will have to defend against four waves of increasingly difficult enemy combatants:

  • First wave: around 8 - 10 Geth Troopers
  • Second Wave: around 8-10 Geth Troopers and 2-3 Rocket Troopers
  • Third Wave: 5-6 Geth Troopers, 2-3 Rocket Troopers and 2 Geth Hunters
  • Fouth Wave: Same as the third wave.

After the fourth wave a scene will play. After your conversation with Legion and your decision, you will need to get out of the Heretic Station as fast as possible. A 3 minute timer will start counting down. Quickly turn to the right and head through the door as it unlocks. You will need to sprint along the corridor and must take out any enemy Geth that get in your way. As you approach the first corner, six or so Geth Troopers will attack.

Clear them out and continue onwards until you encounter a Geth Prime and a pair of Troopers. The Geth Prime won’t move too much, so eliminate the Troopers first before turning your focus to the bigger threat.

Once the Geth Prime is dead, open the door located at the back of the room to complete the mission.

Mission Completion Rewards
Experience Gained: 750 (937)
Credits: 15,000 + 15,000
Paladium: 2,000
Powers: Geth Shield Boost (Legion)
Outfit: Legion
Trophy/Achievement Icon

A House Divided

ME2: Hack a geth collective

Trophy icon

If you earned the loyalty of both Tali and Legion, the two will have a confrontation on the Normandy.

Now that you’ve earned Legion’s loyalty, some conflict may arise between Tali and Legion… assuming you also earned Tali’s loyalty earlier (both must be loyal for this to occur). Pass a Paragon or Renegade check to keep the peace and both Tali and Legion will remain loyal. otherwise you’ll have to pick a side, losing the loyalty of whichever character you don’t support.

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