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Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition


Nathan Garvin

Following the events at Freedom’s Progress, you’ll find yourself in the Omega Nebula system. Dock on Omega, where you’ll be able to recruit three new squadmates: the Professor, Archangel and the Veteran. These are all discussed in their own pages, just follow the links provided.

(1 of 2) In Afterlife you’ll meet Aria, defacto ruler of Omega.

In Afterlife you’ll meet Aria, defacto ruler of Omega. (left), While her hospitality leaves much to be desired, you can learn about the Professor and Archangel. (right)


Before you can get to those, however, your presence will be… “requested”… by someone named Aria T’Loak - apparently the primary mover and shaker on Omega. She can be found in the club “Afterlife”, which you’ll be just outside of after you leave the entry hallway (you can recruit Zaeed on the way without much extra effort). From the Normandy, just go through the door to the right and you’ll see the club. Aria is on the upper floor. Your meeting is antagonistic, but mostly uneventful - she’ll give you some intel on the Professor and Archangel, if you ask.

Omega Market

After you’re done with the obligatory meet and greet with Aria, you’ll be free to explore Omega. There are quite a few interactions you can have, some of which will yield the odd Paragon/Renegade point, but of even more interest are Omega’s three merchants. Leave Afterlife and from there turn east and you’ll find two doors, both of which will lead to the omega market area (not to be confused with the actual store of the same name). Scattered through this area you’ll find three merchants: Kenn, Harrot and Marsh.

(1 of 3) You can squeeze a discount out of Kenn,

Kenn is by far the most interesting, as he’s got himself an assignment, Omega: Struggling Quarian that is easily resolved (and nets you discounts) and the most interesting items for sale on Omega. Pass a Paragon/Renegade check to lower his prices, if you can, then ask him about his business woes - check out the link to the assignment for more details, but resolving his problems will also net you a discount.

In particular, you should be keen on buying the M-96 Mattock and the Geth Plasma Rifle, which are arguably the best (or second-best, depending on your outlook) assault rifle and shotgun in the game. They’re a steal at 16,000 credits, and an even better get at the discounted rate of 13,333 credits.

Kenn’s Salvage Price (normal) Price (discount)
Heavy Weapon Ammo 30,000 25,000
Nashan Stellar Dynamics T6-FBA Couplings 500 416
Heavy Skin Weave 90,000 75,000
Shotgun Damage 60,000 50,000
M-96 Mattock 6,000 5,000
Geth Plasma Shotgun 10,000 8,333

(1 of 2) After talking to Kenn, talk to Harrot and convince him to resolve Kenn’s mercantile woes one way or another to score a discount.

After talking to Kenn, talk to Harrot and convince him to resolve Kenn’s mercantile woes one way or another to score a discount. (left), Although Harrot’s wares are arguably less interesting than Kenn’s. (right)

By comparison, the other two merchants aren’t quite as compelling. Harrot is tied with Kenn’s struggle, and like with Kenn, you can pass a Paragon/Renegade check to get a discount, which comes highly recommended.

Harrot’s Emporium Price (normal) Price (discount)
Kuwashi Visor 2,000 1,666
Model Ship 13 - Geth Ship 2,000 1,666
Capacitor Chestplate 4,000 3,333
Ordnance Packs 2,000 1,666
Hack Module 30,000 25,000
Terminus Armor 12,000 10,000
M-490 Blackstorm 5,000 4,166

(1 of 2) Haggle with Marsh for a discount,

Haggle with Marsh for a discount, (left), which will help you purchase some of hte more expensive wares at the Omega Market. (right)

Last and least, we’ve got the eponymous Omega Market, which is operated by a batarian named Marsh. Pass a Paragon/Renegade check to lower his prices, then peruse his wares:

Omega Market Price (normal) Price (discount)
Stimulator Conduits 4,000 3,333
Model - Turian Cruiser 500 416
Sniper Rifle Damage 60,000 50,000
Fornax 5 4
Strength Boost Pads 4,000 3,333
Stabilization Gauntlets 8,000 6,666
Capacitor Helmet 4,000 3,333
Blood Dragon Armor 15,000 12,499

Anywho, there’s more to see and do on Omega, but most of the encounters are fairly inconsequential, save for the odd bit of Paragon/Renegade points. There are also numerous assignments, some available now, some which will start later. These will be covered on the Omega assignments page.

After completing several missions, you’ll be forced to deal with the Collector threat to Horizon.

Stop the Collectors, Part 1

Deal with those when you please, but for now, the guide will turn its attention to the two recruitment dossiers on Omega: the Professor and Archangel. We suggest dealing with the Professor, first, as it will unlock the Lab on the Normandy, allowing you to research upgrades.

After you’re done with those two, you can pursue the dossiers the Convict and the Warlord, as well as the Veteran and the Master Thief, the latter two of which were formerly DLC missions, but are included as part of the Legendary Edition. You won’t be able to complete all of these missions, however, as you’re actually on a timer of sorts, and it’s worth explaining this in some detail, as much of the main questline functions this way.

The main mission Stop the Collectors runs through the game, remaining more or less dormant most of the time. It’s… a work in progress, and all the other missions covered in this walkthrough are ultimately in service of this ultimate goal, namely the various “Dossier” missions that lead to you recruiting new crewmembers and, later, their various loyalty missions. Once in a while, however, the actions of the Collectors will force you to respond, and this typically occurs after you complete several of the aforementioned recruitment/loyalty missions.

Keep this in mind as you recruit characters and deal with their loyalty missions - eventually you’ll have to drop everything to deal with the next core mission, Horizon.

It’s also worth noting that you can visit the [Citadel], where you can complete the mission Citadel: The Council. This is, somewhat surprisingly given the events of the last game, a fairly inconsequential mission. Still, there’s some shopping to be done there, a few assignments you can complete and the Citadel is also where the mission Dossier: The Master Thief takes place. It’ll be covered immediately below, just in case you want to check it out, even though it’s arguably not worth visiting the Citadel until you recruit the characters on Omega, earning some cash in the process.

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