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Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition

N7: MSV Strontium Mule

Nathan Garvin

This assignment will become available after completing the assignment N7: Archeological Dig Site. Once done, you’ll need to travel to the Arinlarkan system in the Omega Nebula cluster, where you’ll find the MSV Strontium Mule adrift. Dock with this ship and be ready to deal with more Blue Suns mercenaries; being able to tear down enemy shields will prove invaluable, but you’ll encounter the odd bit of armor as well.

Seek out the MSV Strontium Mule.

When you’re ready, dock with and board the MSV Strontium Mule.

Notable Items in This Area
Upgrade - Research Project (Heavy Skin Weave)

(1 of 3) Kill the mercenaries that greet you when you board the MSV Strontium Mule.

Once again, your arrival won’t go unnoticed, and when you arrive on the MSV Strontium Mule, move around the corner and take cover. You will need to defend yourself against several successive squads of Blue Suns mercenaries as they come pouring through the door at the far end of the room. The majority of them are the standard troopers with the exception of a single Blue Suns Legionnaire and a couple of Blue Suns Heavy troops who will shoot heavy weapons at you from near the door. When the area is clear of hostiles, read the Merc Transmitter on the floor near the door before heading through said door.

Ascend two flights of stairs and some ramps until you run afoul of another pack of mercenaries, peruse another Merc Transmitter on the floor, then bypass a “Hub Security Console” to open up three nearby doors.

Go through the central door (opposite the “Hub Security Console”) to reach the engine room, wherein you’ll find some Blue Suns mercenaries lurking atop some ramps. These include a Senior Engineer, who can use tech abilities and will also some with shields and armor, making him a durable target. Bring him down, then loot some Power Cells, read another Merc Transmitter and the “Engine Room Main Console” then return to the previous room.

Back in the hub room with three doors, note the two doors on either side of the room. Both will get you to your destination - just go through either door and head upstairs - but there are also side rooms opposite the stairs through each door. One leads to a med bay where you’ll find a Medical Station while the other leads to a maintenance room with a “Maintenance Records” terminal.

(1 of 3) Use the “Bridge Security Console” to open up the bridge,

Loot the side rooms if you wish, then head upstairs to reach the top level of the ship, where you’ll find a hallway nearby, and another one across the level. Ignore the far one for now and instead head through the nearby hallway, which culminates in a sealed door and a fork. If you go left you’ll find a “Transmission Relay Console”, while if you go right you’ll find the “Bridge Security Console”. Bypass the latter (or just exit the bypass attempt without trying - it still opens the nearby door, for whatever reason) then enter the bridge.

On the bridge you’ll find numerous mercenaries, including a Bodyguard and Captain Vorhess, both of which have extra protections you’ll need to strip before finishing them off. Just use the doorway as cover and pick them off, then enter the bridge and turn your attention down the hallway behind you, as some FENRIS Mechs will charge, followed shortly by some more mercenaries, including Sgt. Boortis and two Heavies, who are content to stand far back behind cover and pelt you with missiles. The Heavies can’t reach you on the bridge, so you should be able to pick off the troopers and Sgt. Boortis before advancing in range of the Heavies… or you can just pick them off with sniper rifles.

(1 of 2) Search a Research Docket to score the Heavy Skin Weave research project,

Search a Research Docket to score the Heavy Skin Weave research project, (left), then secure the Payload to complete the assignment. (right)

Clear out the mercenaries, then return to the bridge and examine another Merc Transmitter on the floor, read the “Ship’s Main Log” to get an update about some canister you can loot in the cargo hold. Sounds like a plan. Leave the bridge and head past where you killed the Heavies, then continue through the previously-unexplored doorway nearby. If you turn right you’ll find a door leading to crew quarters, where two more troopers await If you turn left, however, you’ll find a room containing your objective here: the Payload that Cerberus is apparently interested in. Before you grab it, read another Merc Transmitter, loot a box of **Refined Iridium (+2,000 Iridium) then hack a Research Docket (Heavy Skin Weave).

When all that’s done, interact with teh Payload (+3,750 Credits) to complete the assignment.

Mission Completion Rewards
Experience Gained: 125 (156)
Credits: 3,750 + 3,750
Iridium: 2,000
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