Notable Items in This Area
Upgrade - Research Project: Sniper Rifle Damage
Upgrade - Research Project: Krogan Vitality

Use the galaxy map to travel to The Eagle Nebula. Once you are here, fly to the nearby planet, Korlus to start the mission to recruit the krogan.

After landing, follow the defined path down and around the corner until you find the entrance to the research base. A group of four guards will open fire at you; take cover and pop them all. When they are dead, continue through their lookout position and down the small ramp on the other side. You will find a wounded mercenary here (talk with them for a Renegade/Paragon option).

After the conversation, move around the corner and take cover. Eliminate the sentries on the raised area in front of you. Move down the stairs to the right and at the bottom take cover behind the low wall here. Kill another pair of sentries on the walkway in front. Move up and eliminate any more sentries who come into view.

The next room consists of a few pieces of cover on your level and a long, fortified raised balcony lining the far side of the area. You will need to destroy its inhabitants - lots of mercs! Keep an eye out for heavy troops and try to rid the area of them first before focusing on others. Once the area is clear, continue to cruise down the short ramp and help the Krogan kill the enemies above then chat with him. After a short scene, a new passage will be open for you.

Fight your way through the room and then speak to the Krogan to proceed.

Inside, check the corpse for some credits and then follow the path. At the bottom you will encounter two mercenaries. Deal with them. Ahead you will see a pair of intersecting metal walkways that lead around a corner and into the next area you need to access. Along these pathways, you will meet 10-12 Krogan Berserkers who will advance towards your position (one at a time thankfully if you stay in one spot!). You will need to kill them before making your way to the far end.

Pick up the canister of Refined Platinum here and in the next room, cruise up the stairs. Bypass the door at the top.

Sit back and eliminate the Krogans one at a time… And don’t forget to loot the bodies as you go!

Climb the stairs to the top and scan the sniper rifle on the ground for a new Research Project (Sniper Rifle Damage) . Pick up the Med Kit and the box of thermal clips nearby if required. Open the door and kill the mercenary in front of you, before taking cover to the right. Eliminate the heavy soldiers on the far side of the gap, and then follow the catwalk to the left. Run into the room at the end and take cover; eliminate the guys in front and slowly work your way forward, watching out for reinforcements coming through the door at the far side of the area. Also be aware of the pair of Blue Suns heavies in the background who will fire rockets at you relentlessly until you put them down. When the area is clear, check out the alcove the heavies were occupying for a hackable Data Pad.

Enter the nearby door. At the top of the stairs use the window or the cover just outside the door to eliminate a squad of Blue Suns troopers and Centurions defending the immediate area. Once they are dead, move up a short way and a second group will emerge and come to attack you from the passage to the left. Eliminate them and follow the path around to the right until you reach a metal bridge. At the far end, a large contingent of Blue Suns troops will assemble and come across to attack you. Defeat the enemies who come close, then use your sniper rifle to take out the heavy troops at the back.

Once everything is dead, enter the room on the far side of the bridge. Inside you will find a box of thermal clips and a Wall Safe . Find the open door to the left, but instead of entering, follow the path here around to the end to find a hackable PDA . Return to the door, head inside and follow the stairs to the top.

The next room is fairly large and you will need to work your way forward, then around to the right. Defeat all the enemies here and climb the stairs on the left. From this vantage point, eliminate the Centurions and troopers in the open area below whilst keeping an eye out for a pair of heavy troopers that will appear on another balcony area opposite your current position. When cleared, cruise down the ramp and turn to the right. Clear out any remaining bad guys (again watch out for the heavy rocket guys at the rear) and enter the door at the end of the wall to the left.

Inside you can hack the Computer on the desk and grab the Med Kit.

In the next room, ignore the Krogan for the moment and head to the far left corner. Hack the terminal here for a new Research Project (Krogan Vitality). Now, turn around and talk to Okeer.

After the scene, exit through the door opposite the entrance and at the bottom of the stairs enter the large room to do battle with Jedore.

This fight can be a little tough as Jedore will sit at the back of the room and shoot the odd rocket your way, whilst five or so Krogan Berserkers and a YMIR mech advance on your position. You will need to deal with the Krogan Berserkers before you can properly focus on eliminating the mech. Using your team skills and staying in cover, destroy the Krogans before they reach your position. Hopefully by the time they have all fallen, the YMIR mech will not have reached you yet. Use your best shield and armor-depleting abilities on the YMIR to bring it down ASAP. Once the rest of the room is clear, focus your squad’s fire on eliminating Jedore.

Jedore will stay on the far side of the room. As such, take care of the minions she throws at you before taking her on.

When Jedore is dead, return to the room with Okeer and use the console where he was standing to complete the mission. In the following conversation, be sure to choose the option to take the pod with you when you leave.

To recruit Grunt into your party, use the elevator in the Normandy to access the engineering level; exit the elevator and turn left. Open the door at the end of the hallway to find the pod. Use the action button on the tube and open the tube when given the option. After the conversation, Grunt will join the crew.

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