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Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition

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Best Adept Builds

Matt Chard

This page will show you some of the best Adept builds in Mass Effect 2. Here, you’ll find details on the best abilities to pick, best weapons to equip including what heavy weapon to choose. Also, you’ll find what armor works best for the build.

Adept Overview

The Adept, like the Soldier and Engineer, is a core class in Mass Effect 2. The focus of Adept however is on pure Biotics, making it one of the more enjoyable classes to play and the de facto “Mage” Class of Mass Effect 2. Biotics such as Singularity, Pull, and Throw allows you to disable most enemies in the game and stop any threat that may rush you. The only downside to Adepts are their weapon choices only being Heavy Pistols and Submachine Guns.

Best Adept Build

This build primarily revolves around spamming Singularity to disable enemies and Warp Ammo, which will increase your damage as you pick off your helpess victimes. Bringing along a companion with Warp is a good idea, so they can combo off your biotics, while your own Warp is largely reserved for the rare enemy with Barriers/Armor that Singularity won’t affect. Throw is mostly there for crowd control, especially the large groups of Husks that plague mid-to-late game Collector missions.

Power Evolution Rank (Squad Points)
Warp Heavy Warp 4 (10)
Throw Throw Field 4 (10)
Singularity Heavy Singularity 4 (10)
Biotic Mastery Bastion 4 (10)
Bonus Power: Warp Ammo Heavy Warp Ammo 4 (10)
  • 1 Squad Point remaining


This section will go into more detail on why the Powers are chosen for this particular build.


Singularity will lift and hold the enemies in the air leaving them open to attack. This ability will completely lock the enemies down providing they don’t have any Shields or Barriers. We choose the Wide variant of the Evolved power to hit more enemies per cast, allowing you much more control of the battlefield.


Pull works a little similar to Singularity, it’ll levitate the enemies in the air, rendering them helpless as you take them out. What makes Pull so good is that you can aim above the enemies who are hiding behind cover, and it’ll crash down, levitating them into harm’s way. We choose the Pull Field Evolved variant, so we can hit more targets per cast, allowing more control of the battlefield.


Warp will create a Biotic Combo when used in conjunction with Pull or Singularity, allowing for devastating damage when it hits. It’s also great to use against enemies that have Barriers or Armor, and can stop health regeneration as well. We choose the Unstable Warp Evolved variant as this increases the radius of Warp allowing you more opportunities to hit multiple enemies creating more Biotic Combos.

Biotic Mastery

We max out Biotic Mastery to get all those Health and Cooldown passives allowing you to take more hits, and cast more powers. We choose the Bastian variant of the Evolved Power as it allows all your powers longer duration, thus keeping the enemy controlled for a longer period of time.

Bonus Power

Bonus Powers are granted to you when you complete a companions loyalty mission, once you have the Power unlocked, head to Mordins tech lab on Deck 2 of the Normandy, and learn it from the Advanced Training Research Upgrade. You can only have one of these Powers equipped at any given time. We chose the Warp Ammo Power from Jack for a DPS gain when shooting the enemies who are floating around the battlefield. Shredder Ammo from Thane is also a good shout as this will deal more DPS, but it’ll give you less utility.


This section will talk about what weapons are best for this particular build.

Heavy Pistol

Weapon Base Damage Accuracy Recoil Fire Mode Fire Rate Clip Size
M-5 Phalanx 109 High High Semi-Automatic 80 RPM 6

The M-5 Phalanx was originally added as DLC in the original Mass Effect 2, in the Legendary Edition, it can be purchased from Ratch, who resides on Tuchanka.

What makes the M-5 Phalanx so effective, is that it’s highly accurate due to its built in laser, and it hits like a truck with 109 base damage. Like most handguns, it’s better to use against enemies with armor, or as a weapon to fall back on if you run out of ammo in your primary.

Submachine Gun

Weapon Base Damage Accuracy Recoil Fire Mode Fire Rate Clip Size
M-9 Tempest 14 Moderate High Automatic 925 RPM 50

The M-9 Tempest is available after the Mission Dossier: Tali. What makes this weapon so great, is its high rate of fire making it easier to tear the shields of your enemies, allowing your Biotics Powers to influence the battlefield.


Weapon Base Damage Accuracy Recoil Fire Mode Fire Rate Clip Size
M-12 Locust 25 High Low Automatic 550 RPM 20

The M-12 Locust was originally added with the Kasumi - Stolen Memory DLC which is Kasumi’s loyalty mission, in the legendary edition, the mission is available once you acquire Kasumi at the Citadel. The weapon can be picked up during the mission, or if you miss it, as a mission reward.

The Locust is one of the strongest SMG in the game, especially at mid to long range due to its pinpoint accuracy, and low recoil. This makes it act more like an Assault Rifle than a SMG.

Advanced Weapon Training

During the Mission Collector Ship, you’ll get the choice to get Advanced Weapon Training, this will allow you to pick another weapon type to add to your arsenal, that your class wouldn’t normally be allowed to use.

For this build, an Assault Rifle works best. The reasoning behind this is, the high fire rate and high accuracy from them allow you to take the enemies shields down quicker, allowing your Biotic Powers to control the enemies.

Weapon Base Damage Accuracy Recoil Fire Mode Fire Rate Clip Size
M-96 Mattock 50.4 High Low Semi-Automatic 750 RPM 16

The M-96 Mattock is arguably the strongest Assault Rifle in the game, originally a DLC weapon, now purchased at Omega in the Legendary Edition. What makes this gun so effective, is it acts more like a hybrid Sniper Rifle. It hits hard and is extremely accurate, and is great at taking the stronger enemies in the game.


Weapon Base Damage Accuracy Recoil Fire Mode Fire Rate Clip Size
Geth Pulse Rifle 10.8 Moderate Low Automatic 1000 RPM (Variable) 40

The Geth Pulse Rifle works better for this build due to its extremely high fire rate sitting at a huge 1000 RPM, making this great for tearing the shields of the enemies, allowing you to control the battlefield with your Biotic Powers. On top of that, its damage multipliers favor shields, and Barriers at x1.35. To get your hands on this beauty, you’ll have to do the Mission Dossier: Tali on at least the Hardcore difficulty.

Best Heavy Weapon

Weapon Base Damage Accuracy Recoil Fire Mode Fire Rate Clip Size
M-100 Grenade Launcher 500 High Low Semi-Automatic 125 RPM N/A

The M-100 Grenade Launcher is the first Heavy Weapon you’ll get in the game, you’ll get it during the Mission Prologue: Awakening. The reasoning behind choosing this, is its crowd control capablilties.

Best Armor

Armor Location Cost Stats
Blood Dragon Armor Various Vendors 15% Power Damage Bonus, 10% Shield Strength bonus

Best Squadmates

For this build to shine, bring companions who can rip the enemies shields off, this’ll allow you more time controlling the battlefield with your Biotic Powers. Garrus and Miranda fit great here due to both of them having access to Overload, furthermore, Garrus has access to Concussive Shot which works great against Barriers. The DLC characters Kasumi and Zaeed can also work, as Kasumi has Overload and Zaaed has access to Disruptor Ammo.

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