Notable Items in This Area
Upgrade - Research Project: Heavy Pistol Damage

After speaking with Thane and offering to help him with his request, you will obtain the location of this side mission. Enter your galaxy map and travel to the Citadel . When you land, look at the map. Make your way to the C-Sec Office just near the docking area and talk to Captain Bailey. During the conversation ask him about Thane’s son and he will tell you where to go next.

Head to the nearest rapid transport console and use it to travel to Zakera Ward Level 28. Look at your map again and walk over to the Comm Terminal location to find Mouse. After a quick chat (there is a Renegade option here if you so choose), you will find out what needs to be done. Make your way back to Captain Bailey. He will set up an interrogation with Elias Kelham.

Before entering the interrogation room you will get to choose between being the good cop or bad cop and your responses (and Renegade/Paragon actions) will vary slightly during the sequence. After a short conversation, the guy will give up the information you need. After another quick dialogue with Captain Bailey you will find yourself whisked away to the 800 Blocks area.

Talk to Officer Bailey in C-Sec (left) to begin the interrogation of the prisoner (right).

As you enter the area, Thane will tell you what you need to do. You will be let loose up high in some maintenance catwalks overlooking the street and you need to follow a target as he moves around the area, keeping him in sight as much as possible. At various points you will need to update Thane on his position.

In the maintenance area, grab the pistol upgrade (left) when able while keeping an eye on the target at all times (right).

When you regain control, look down and inform Thane of the politician’s current status, then follow the catwalk over to the left to find a Research Project (Heavy Pistol Damage). When the target moves down the street the door will unlock; move through here into the next area.

Once again update Thane on the target’s location. Move on through the next pair of doors and once again let Thane know what he is up to. Continue to follow the Turian and when his bodyguard has an altercation, he will run off, so be sure to keep up with him.

Head through the next pair of doors and he will resume walking. Continue along the catwalk to the left and when he enters the NOVA bar, let Thane know. Once he is done there, cruise through another two doors and he will meet with a pair of Krogan mercenaries.

After a moment the target will move on, so enter the next room and you will have to chat to a stockroom boy - either knock him out or sweet talk you rway out of trouble, and head through the next door to see the target below to the right.

Continue through the next door for a scene.

Once you have watched the scene, the mission will be complete.

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Cat's in the Cradle

Gain the loyalty of the Assassin

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