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Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! & Let's Go, Eevee!

Cinnabar Island Gym

Vincent Lau

Have you ever wanted to be on a (cheesy) Pokémon quiz show?

To enter this Gym, you’ll need the Secret Key, which is found deep within the nearby Pokémon Mansion. The Gym itself is quite different compared to most other Gyms. After stepping inside, speak to Blaine, the Gym Leader, to begin the Gym challenge.

You’ll participate in a Pokémon quiz. If you answer the question correctly, you can move on. Otherwise, if you answer incorrectly, you must battle a trainer. This will continue until you’ve answered 5 questions. After the 5th question, you can battle the quiz master, Blaine, himself.

Now the questions themselves aren’t too hard and, even if you don’t know the answer, you can easily guess. If you really wanted to, you can purposely fail the quiz to battle the trainers.

Question number 1 asks which of these two Pokémon is known as the “Spitfire Pokémon” (in the Pokédex). The correct answer is “Magmar”. If you picked “Growlithe”, get ready to fight!

Super Nerd Erik

Pokémon Level Type
Charmelon 45 Fire

This is the middle evolution of Charmeleon. For attacks, it has Fire Spin to trap its opponent and inflict a little bit of damage each turn, Slash to gamble for a critical hit, and Dragon Rage to deal 40 damage. Since it hasn’t reached its full potential, it should be an easy foe.

Question number 2 asks how many Gym badges can be collected in the Kanto region. Each time you save your game, you should see how many Gym badges there are. Of course, the answer is “Eight”. Pick “Seven” and you’ll be punished.

Burglar Quinn

Pokémon Level Type
Ninetales 44 Fire

Quinn has an evolved Vulpix. This one can use STAB Flamethrower, and Quick Attack to try and go first. The best counters are Rock, followed by Water and then Ground.

Question number 3 asks what happens when a Steel-type move is used on a Fire-type Pokémon. If you studied the Type Match-ups, you’ll know it’s “Not very effective”. But you can pick “Super effective!” to earn yourself another battle.

Super Nerd Derek

Pokémon Level Type
Magmar 45 Fire

Magmar is a Pokémon you’ve probably bumped into in the Pokémon Mansion. Derek’s Magmar has a variety of Fire-type moves including Fire Spin. Plus it can use Confuse Ray to make your Pokémon dizzy. Water or Rock-types are recommended.

Question number 4 is basically a joke question. Blaine wants to know if TM28 teaches the move Tombstony. We understand there are a lot of weird-sounding moves in Pokémon, like Baddy Bad, but Tombstony? C’mon. Pick either “False” or “What’s that?!” to continue unscathed. Or play along and pick “True”.

Burglar Dusty

Pokémon Level Type
Growlithe 44 Fire
Rapidash 44 Fire

Dusty’s Growlithe can use some pretty strong moves–most notably Flare Blitz. But it’s unevolved, so there’s a limit to how much damage it can do. Meanwhile, his Rapidash is a bigger threat. This evolved Ponyta can conjure a powerful Fire Blast. Counter it with Water or Rock.

Finally, question number 5 is definitely a joke question. The correct answer is all of them. Are you ready?

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