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Route 23

Vincent Lau

There's a dungeon up ahead, so prepare yourself!

Wild Pokémon

Pokémon Type Location Chance (%)
"Exeggcute" IconExeggcute Grass/Psychic Tall grass 14
"Nidorina" IconNidorina Poison Tall grass 19
Nidoran (female) Poison Tall grass 10
"Nidorino" IconNidorino Poison Tall grass 19
Nidoran (male) Poison Tall grass 10
"Nidoqueen" IconNidoqueen Poison/Ground Tall grass 1
"Nidoking" IconNidoking Poison/Ground Tall grass 1
"Exeggutor" IconExeggutor Grass/Psychic Tall grass 1
"Fearow" IconFearow Normal/Flying Tall grass 15
"Spearow" IconSpearow Normal/Flying Tall grass 10
"Chansey" IconChansey Normal Tall grass Rare spawn
"Poliwhirl" IconPoliwhirl Water Water’s surface 10
"Poliwag" IconPoliwag Water Water’s surface 45
"Magikarp" IconMagikarp Water Water’s surface 45

This is the final route before the Pokémon League. You will need all eight Gym badges to reach the end. After that, you must go through Victory Road–a dungeon where only the strongest Pokémon trainers may set foot. Anyway, coming from Route 22, head east to begin with.

Soon, there will be a gatekeeper who asks for the Cascade Badge, which you got from Misty. To his right are 3 Golden Razz Berries on the floor. He won’t be picking them, so you may as well. Past the gatekeeper, head north-west towards the next gatekeeper. You’ll need to show him the Thunder Badge to pass

Next, head east again. Near the top-right corner, you can grab 3 Golden Nanab Berries. Go back a bit and then head north. Gatekeeper number 4 will be just ahead. Show him Erika’s colorful Rainbow Badge to continue. From here, you’ll need to use Sea Skim to travel across the water. Swim west first.

Near the top-left corner, you can retrieve 3 Golden Pinap Berries. After that, go back and find the next gatekeeper, who’s floating in the water. Whoa, do these guys stay in the water all day? Y’know, they could easily just stand next to the water. To get past him, you’ll need the Soul Badge from Koga.

Beyond, there’s an island in the middle. Land there and grab the 5 Golden Razz Berries from the top-left corner. Then go over to the next floating gatekeeper. He’ll demand the Marsh Badge from Sabrina. Don’t worry, they’re not going to take away your badges! Continue north-east, where the water stops

Over here, there are a few patches of tall grass brimming with wildlife. Go over to the eastern-most patch. In-between the two Poké Ball statues, there’s a 5 Golden Nanab Berries up for grabs. Then carry on north. You’ll reach the penultimate gatekeeper. Unsurprisingly, he’ll want to see your Volcano Badge.

Head north towards the patch of tall grass to the right of some stones. It can be hard to see, but there’s an item in the far corner of the tall grass: 5 Golden Pinap Berries. Finally, go around the stones and then head north. You’ll come to the last gatekeeper who requests the Earth Badge. Now you can enter Victory Road.


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