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Rare Spawns

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) Certain Pokémon may suddenly show up, even though they're not listed in the Habitat for that area.

Certain Pokémon may suddenly show up, even though they're not listed in the Habitat for that area. (left), Such as this "Hitmonlee" IconHitmonlee. (right)

In Viridian Forest, it’s possible to encounter your very first rare spawn. As their name suggests, rare spawns are wild Pokémon with a very low chance of appearing. Additionally, these Pokémon aren’t listed in the area’s Habitat information in the Pokédex.

Finding a Rare Spawn

There are two ways to increase the chance of finding a rare spawn.

  1. By using a Lure, Super Lure or Max Lure.
  2. By creating a high Catch Combo.

Ideally, you want to do both.

Below is a table outlining how the Catch Combo affects the chance.

Catch Combo Rare spawn rate
1 to 5 x2
6 to 10 x3
11 to 20 x4
21 to 30 x5
31+ x6

Sometimes, it may not be convenient to build a Catch Combo in a particular area. Fortunately, the increased rare spawn rate carries over even if you go to a different area. So you could build up a Catch Combo in an area with plentiful of a certain Pokémon, then move to the area where you want to actually find the rare spawn.

List of Rare Spawns


Pokémon Type Location(s)
"Bulbasaur" IconBulbasaur Grass/Poison Viridian Forest
"Charmander" IconCharmander Fire Route 3, Route 4 and Rock Tunnel
"Squirtle" IconSquirtle Water Route 24, Route 25 and Seafoam Islands
"Hitmonlee" IconHitmonlee Fighting Victory Road
"Hitmonchan" IconHitmonchan Fighting Victory Road
"Chansey" IconChansey Normal Routes 5-6, 8-18, 21 and 23, "Diglett" IconDiglett’s Cave, Mt. Moon, Pokémon Tower, Power Plant, Pokémon Mansion and Victory Road
"Lapras" IconLapras Water/Ice Route 19 and Route 20
"Porygon" IconPorygon Normal Route 7


Pokémon Type Location(s)
"Charizard" IconCharizard Fire/Flying Routes 1-4 and 6-25
"Snorlax" IconSnorlax Normal Cerulean Cave
"Articuno" IconArticuno Ice/Flying Routes 1-4 and 6-25
"Zapdos" IconZapdos Electric/Flying Routes 1-4 and 6-25
"Moltres" IconMoltres Fire/Flying Routes 1-4 and 6-25
"Dragonite" IconDragonite Dragon/Flying Routes 1-4 and 6-25


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