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Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! & Let's Go, Eevee!

Gym Leader Sabrina

Vincent Lau
Pokémon Level Type
Mr. Mime 56 Psychic/Fairy
Slowbro 56 Water/Psychic
Hypno 56 Psychic
Jynx 56 Ice/Psychic
Alakazam 57 Psychic

Sabrina is as strong as always, although admittedly it hasn’t been that long since you last fought her. As such, you should be fairly well-prepared for her. Like the previous time, Dark-types are recommended. But they are rare, so you’re welcome to brute force the fight.

First up is Mr. Mime, just like last time. Now it actually has a Fairy-type move, so Dark-types should be benched, unless they’re Alolan Muk. It also has Psychic for STAB, plus Reflect and Light Screen to weaken physical and special attacks. If you have one, a Steel-type would be perfect.

Slowbro is slightly less tricky, but you can’t afford to let your guard down. It can use Scald and Psychic for STAB–the former can cause a burn. Plus Ice Beam to damage Grass-types, and Shadow Ball for other purposes. Besides Dark-types, Electric-types are worth a shot. Grass-types too if they’re unafraid of Psychic.

Hypno can be annoying since it can use Hypnosis to cause sleep, followed by Dream Eater to deal STAB damage, while stealing HP. Of course, if you cure sleep ASAP, it will waste a turn using Dream Eater. Also, it knows Thunder Punch and Fire Punch–the latter can annoy Bug and Steel-types. Dark-types clearly have the advantage here.

Jynx is halfway between Slowbro and Hypno in terms of levels of annoyance. It can use Blizzard and Psychic for STAB, Shadow Ball to damage other Psychics, and Lovely Kiss to cause sleep. Besides Dark-types, Fire-types would also be useful here. Steel-types can wall it fairly well too.

Finally, Alakazam is Sabrina’s finest Pokémon. This one can use Psychic for STAB, Shadow Ball to counter opposing Psychics, Dazzling Gleam to punish Dark-types, and Tri Attack. It’s fast and hits hard, so be careful. But it’s quite fragile, so if you can sneak in a few hits, you should be good. Sucker Punch is great here since Alakazam can only attack.

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