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Route 17

Vincent Lau

We hope you like berries, as there's loads to find here.

Wild Pokémon

Pokémon Type Location Chance (%)
"Psyduck" IconPsyduck Water Tall grass 15
"Rapidash" IconRapidash Fire Tall grass 5
"Ponyta" IconPonyta Fire Tall grass 20
"Dodrio" IconDodrio Normal/Flying Tall grass 5
"Doduo" IconDoduo Normal/Flying Tall grass 20
"Raticate" IconRaticate Normal Tall grass 5
"Rattata" IconRattata Normal Tall grass 5
"Eevee" IconEevee Normal Tall grass 5
"Pidgeotto" IconPidgeotto Normal/Flying Tall grass 10
"Pidgey" IconPidgey Normal/Flying Tall grass 10
"Chansey" IconChansey Normal Tall grass Rare spawn

Located between Route 16 and Route 18, this route is also known as Pokémon Road; it’s where people come to play and ride with their Pokémon. There are also lots of flower beds where you can obtain berries from. As you come from Route 16, immediately go left along the bottom of the fence. Search the flower beds in the top-left corner for some hidden berries.

Next, head right towards the opposite side of the route, where the red lampposts are. Go down to the wooden benches below and pick up the Super Potion in front of them. Step into the yellow flower beds below, near the second red lamppost. Search around the middle for more hidden berries. Below, there’s a Beauty with a "Jolteon" IconJolteon you can battle.

Beauty Alexis

Pokémon Level Type
"Jolteon" IconJolteon 37 Electric

Alexis has the Electric-type evolution of "Eevee" IconEevee. This sparky critter boasts exceptional Speed. Its most notable attack is Thunderbolt. So a Ground-type would be the ideal counter.

After that shocking encounter, head left back towards the main road. Opposite the wooden benches is a Picnicker and her "Vaporeon" IconVaporeon. Likewise, feel free to challenge her if you’re bored.

Picnicker Dalia

Pokémon Level Type
"Vaporeon" IconVaporeon 37 Water

This is the Water-type evolution of "Eevee" IconEevee, which is quite resistant to special attacks. Dalia’s "Vaporeon" IconVaporeon can use a STAB-boosted Surf, plus Aurora Beam to pester Grass-types. Electric-types are recommended; Grass-types can probably out-damage it as well.

Go over to the flower beds south from Picnicker Dalia and west from Beauty Alexis. Search around the middle for a third stash of hidden berries. There’s more where that came from–a lot more! Continue south. By the corner of the road is a Lass and her "Flareon" IconFlareon.

Lass Mila

Pokémon Level Type
"Flareon" IconFlareon 36 Fire

To complete the trinity, we’ve got the Fire-type evolution of "Flareon" IconFlareon, which is focused on physical attacking. Mila’s "Flareon" IconFlareon can use Flamethrower, plus Double Kick to batter Rock-types. Water and Ground are solid picks.

Head a short distance south-west from the Lass. Over here is a flower bed just above the tall grass. You’ve guessed it! Search this flower bed for the fourth bunch of hidden berries. Then follow the road east. When you reach the flower bed below a second set of wooden benches, search the left side of the flower bed for yet more hidden berries.

Now, go south-west towards the large patch of tall grass on the left side of the main road. Near the top, you can pick up a Super Lure in the grass. When you’re ready, go east back onto the main road. About a third way down the road, there’s a cool-looking training and his "Wartortle" IconWartortle looking for a scrap.

Ace Trainer Johnson

Pokémon Level Type
"Wartortle" IconWartortle 40 Water
"Magneton" IconMagneton 39 Electric/Steel
"Marowak" IconMarowak 39 Ground

"Wartortle" IconWartortle is the middle evolution of "Squirtle" IconSquirtle. This one can use STAB Surf, plus Ice Beam to try and one up Grass-types. Electric-types are recommended. Use Grass if you’re confident.

"Magneton" IconMagneton shouldn’t be a stranger. It’s weak to Fire and Fighting, and exceptionally weak to Ground. Expect a STAB Thunderbolt or Flash Cannon. It can also use the Normal-type Tri Attack.

Finally, Marowak you should remember from Pokémon Tower. This evolved "Cubone" IconCubone is weak to Grass, Water and Ice. It can use Bonemerange for STAB, and Rock Slide to hurt Flying and Ice-types.

After regrettably beating up Johnson’s babies (that sounds so wrong), follow the road south, until you reach the next corner. Then follow the road west. When you reach the fence, search the flower bed below the big patch of tall grass for more hidden berries. That makes six! Next, follow the road south, while paying attention to the right.

Along the middle, there’s a stretch of tall grass sandwiched by flower beds. When you see the bottom of the tall grass, go over and pick up the Elixir just lying there. Then go down to the nearby flower bed and rummage around for the seventh stash of hidden berries. From here, you can travel south along the road on the left or the right.

Both of the roads lead to the same place, but the right side is completely clear of trainers. Meanwhile, halfway along the left side is a tough-looking guy and his equally tough-looking "Primeape" IconPrimeape.

Punk Guy Corey

Pokémon Level Type
"Primeape" IconPrimeape 38 Fighting
"Graveler" IconGraveler 38 Rock/Ground

Corey’s "Primeape" IconPrimeape is rocking Seismic Toss to deal 38 fixed damage, plus U-Turn to deal Bug-type damage before switching out. Flying and Fairy-types are recommended. Next, his "Graveler" IconGraveler has STAB-boosted Earthquake and Rock Slide. As usual, Water and Grass will knock it into next week.

Further south, the two paths will converge. Near the middle, at the very top is a Coach Trainer staring at the pond in the center of the route. Perhaps he’s pondering his own existence. To his right is a flower bed containing the eighth stash of hidden berries. While below him is a Rare Candy sitting at the top of some tall grass.

Coach Trainer Grantley

Pokémon Level Type
"Fearow" IconFearow 40 Normal/Flying
"Beedrill" IconBeedrill 40 Bug/Poison
"Sandslash" IconSandslash 41 Ground

All of Grantley’s Pokémon have one thing in common: Drill Run, a Ground-type move with a high critical hit ratio. So when facing his "Fearow" IconFearow, Ice-types are recommended, unless your Rock and Electric-types aren’t afraid of a little drill.

Similarly, Fire and Rock-types probably want to sit out his "Beedrill" IconBeedrill. Rather, Flying-types will have a massive advantage, since they’re immune to Drill Run. Finally "Sandslash" IconSandslash receives STAB when using Drill Run, but none of its nemeses–Water, Grass and Ice–are afraid of it.

Live through Grantley’s drilly onslaught and he’ll give you TM58 Drill Run. For your information, the Fuchsia City Gym is full of Poison trainers–and Poison-type Pokémon are weak to Ground. So if any of your (ideally Ground-type) Pokémon can learn Drill Run, that’s another advantage in your belt.

Continue following the roads south, until you’ve gone past the patch of grass in the middle. Below the grass, the left and right roads will join together. Further south is a large patch of tall grass. Go to the north-east corner of the grass and search the flower bed for even more hidden berries. That’s nine if we counted right.

Then head directly west to the other corner of the grass. Here, there’s a small bunch of flowers, but you can get some cool hidden silver berries from it. After that, step into the tall grass from its north side. Around here, grab the 5 Silver Pinap Berries in plain sight. Keep going south through the tall grass–or the road on the left if you prefer.

When the large patch of tall grass ends, go to the south-east corner and search the flower beds for some hidden silver berries. Are you getting tired of berries yet? If not, go west along the road below the tall grass. When you get near the red lamppost, search the flower bed above the wooden benches for more hidden berries.

After that, go directly east. By the corner, there’s something shiny in the flower bed: a Nugget. Nearby to the south, there’s a Beauty with a "Weepinbell" IconWeepinbell who seems fixated on looking left and down. Is there nothing interesting to the right and above?

Beauty Samantha

Pokémon Level Type
"Weepinbell" IconWeepinbell 37 Grass/Poison

You’ve probably seen your fair share of "Weepinbell" IconWeepinbell and Grass/Poison Pokémon in general. So you might know what to expect: status condition moves. As always, try not to give it a chance by fielding your prized Fire, Flying, Ice or Psychic-types.

Next, head south-west from the Beauty. Just below the first set of wooden searches, search the flower beds for some hidden silver berries. But be cautious of a Gentleman nearby below.

Gentleman Orson

Pokémon Level Type
"Persian" IconPersian 38 Normal

This is a pretty tame "Persian" IconPersian compared to Giovanni’s. That said, it does know Screech, which can greatly lower Defense–and make its Slash hurt a lot more than it should. So try not to let it hang around for long.

While you’re here, go behind the benches. Then head south through the flower beds along the fence. As you reach the second set of wooden benches, there’s a Super Repel up for grabs. Go past the benches towards the main road. Then follow the road east. When you get to the corner, search the flower bed above for, we dunno, hidden berries maybe?

Nearby, towards the north-west is a Picnicker and her "Vulpix" IconVulpix.

Picnicker Misaki

Pokémon Level Type
"Vulpix" IconVulpix 37 Fire
"Wigglytuff" IconWigglytuff 37 Normal/Fairy
"Ivysaur" IconIvysaur 37 Grass/Poison

"Vulpix" IconVulpix is cute, but a pushover at this stage. Even if it does know Flamethrower. "Wigglytuff" IconWigglytuff is an evolved Jiggyluff; it’s still weak to Poison and Steel. For attacks, it can use Body Slam, and Mimic to copy one of your moves–but it may not survive to use the copied move.

Finally, Misaki has an Ivysaur, which is the middle evolution of "Bulbasaur" IconBulbasaur. This one can use Sleep Powder to cause Sleep, and Leech Seed to drain health. But you should have fully evolved Pokémon by now, so it’s unlikely to scare you.

Also, if you go up the road to the right of this grassy area, there’s a female Ace Trainer and her "Exeggutor" IconExeggutor.

Ace Trainer Maria

Pokémon Level Type
"Exeggutor" IconExeggutor 40 Grass/Psychic
"Ninetales" IconNinetales 39 Fire
"Starmie" IconStarmie 39 Water/Psychic

"Exeggutor" IconExeggutor is weak to Fire, Ice, Flying, Poison, Dark and Ghost, and takes massive damage from Bug. There’s no way you don’t have one of those, unless you’re really picky! It can use Psychic and Mega Drain. So Poison-types should probably sit this out.

Next up is "Ninetales" IconNinetales, which is an evolved "Vulpix" IconVulpix. Maria’s "Ninetales" IconNinetales can use Flamethrower and… that’s about it. Well, it does have Quick Attack, but that shouldn’t cause any problems unless you’re somehow left with low HP. Douse it with Fire, Rocks, etc.

Finally, "Starmie" IconStarmie is weak to Electric, Grass, Bug, Ghost and Dark. This one mainly uses Scald to deal Water-type damage that can Burn. As such, Grass-types are ideal. It doesn’t carry any Psychic-type moves, so Grass/Poison Pokémon are in the clear.

South from this area, between the gap in the fences, is Route 18. Fuchsia City isn’t too far now!


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