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Elite Four Bruno

Vincent Lau
Pokémon Level Type
"Onix" IconOnix 52 Rock/Ground
"Hitmonchan" IconHitmonchan 52 Fighting
"Machamp" IconMachamp 53 Fighting
"Poliwrath" IconPoliwrath 52 Water/Fighting
"Hitmonlee" IconHitmonlee 52 Fighting

Bruno is the Fighting-type expert, although his first Pokémon isn’t Fighting. The rest are, though! As such, Flying, Psychic and Fairy-types will be key for winning this battle without a sweat.

First into the arena is "Onix" IconOnix, a Rock and Ground-type. You should know it’s weak to Ground, Ice, Fighting and Steel, and doubly weak to Grass and Water. It can use Earthquake for Ground-type STAB, Iron Tail to hit Ice-types, and Stealth Rock to damage switch-ins. Try to one-shot it with a Grass or Water-type before it uses Stealth Rock.

After that, he may send in "Hitmonchan" IconHitmonchan. This pure Fighting-type can use Fire, Thunder and Ice Punch. Flying-types will need to be careful here because of Thunder and Ice Punch. Meanwhile, Psychic and Fairy-types have little to worry about.

"Machamp" IconMachamp is Bruno’s strongest Pokémon. This fully evolved "Machop" IconMachop can use Superpower for a powerful STAB blow, but it’ll lower "Machamp" IconMachamp’s Attack and Defense. Otherwise, it can use Rock Slide to bash Flying-types, and Earthquake for other purposes. Stick with Psychic and Fairy.

Poliwrath is a fully evolved "Poliwag" IconPoliwag that’s now a Fighting-type. It’s weak to Grass, Electric, Flying, Psychic and Fairy. For attacks, it has Superpower and Waterfall for STAB, and Body Slam to try and paralyze. A Grass/Poison or Grass/Psychic would be great here.

Finally, "Hitmonlee" IconHitmonlee is another pure Fighting-type. This high-kicking hero can use Brick Break for STAB and to break barriers, Feint to try and go first, and Rock Slide to hurt Flying-types. Like with "Hitmonchan" IconHitmonchan and "Machamp" IconMachamp, Psychic and Fairy-types should have few problems here.


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